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Best Ticket Broker Sites 2022

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The question of which of the broker sites is the most popular in 2022 remains one of the most pressing. After all, after the period of the coronavirus pandemic and the mass cancellation of concerts, fans have missed live performances and in recent months have been actively buying tickets. So, which site should You choose in 2022 to suit both the price and the quality of service? We offer you a list of leaders, which is compiled according to ratings from experts, buyers, and sellers.


 Many people call this site unique and irreplaceable. There are very few complaints about the operation of this service.Vegas.com offers not only tickets to events, but also hotel rooms, air travel packages, tickets to shows, tours. This is an indisputable plus. Many customers call the service the “king of Vegas”, as the service covers almost all areas and areas of activity in this region.Vegas.com was founded in 1998. Initially positioning itself only as a travel agency, the company expanded and now presents its customers with an incredibly wide range of services. The degree of trust in the service is very high and many customers want to see similar companies in other regions. When planning a trip to Las Vegas, this particular site can become an indispensable assistant for you. Of course, like any website, there are also negative sides: some customers complain about large fees. You can read more about fees and their formation in the source ticketsites.best. It is worth noting that despite the disadvantages, there are much more positive reviews about the site than critics.


 This service is an excellent example of a global network. The company managed to conquer half the world and establish itself as the undisputed leader among brokerage sites. This American company specializes in reselling and changing tickets. The company”s range of services is quite wide: it works with events in completely different directions. That is, the choice is not limited only to concerts, you can also buy tickets for theatrical productions and sports matches. High prices are often the subject of criticism of the company, but this does not prevent the service from consistently taking a leadership position. Every year, the company presents its customers with an improved work option: technical innovations, faster service, and a wider range. As always, there are drawbacks. You can read about them on the ticketsites.best and in other reliable sources.



 This website has been working in the field of ticket resale since 2009 and only the most experienced managers run the company. At the moment this company has taken a fairly solid position among strong competitors. The company attracts about 10 million customers every month and their number is constantly increasing. Naturally, we are not talking about the period of 2019, when sales were suspended due to the crisis. Experts call the increased attention of the management to security issues a distinctive feature of the service. Indeed, much attention is paid to checking tickets and sellers, in addition, special algorithms are used that help protect the site from fraudsters. You can read about ticket prices and fees offered by the website at ticketsites.best, and you can also get acquainted with the history of the company’s creation in reliable sources, which will allow you to get a more complete idea of the service.



The service is one of the most famous ticket sales sites in the world. This is evidenced not only by the statements of experts but also by numerous user reviews. Established in 1976, the company remains a leader in ticket resale today. Many customers are impressed by the many years of service experience and a large selection of tickets. The history of the company’s creation and development has become a kind of textbook for many. Today, the site has not been one of the leaders for many years. Even the crisis associated with the coronavirus pandemic could not have a devastating impact on the company’s position. Ticketmaster is on the list of companies that regularly paid refunds to customers during the mass cancellation of concerts. About which tickets can be purchased on the service and about the commission is described in detail on ticketsites.best. According to experts, in 2022 the service will rise by several more points and further strengthen the reputation of the leader.

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