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Best Things to Do in Des Moines

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Des Moines is a great place to travel, visit, and for sightseeing in general. It has tons of fantastic places and spots to visit. Moreover, Des Moines holds solid ground in e-Commerce, and many large organizations have set up their companies there. And as a result, it also holds importance as a beautiful city to spend vacations in. 

So, if you are headed to Des Moines for the weekends or are new to the city, certain things like events, fairs, museums, farms, and much more are worth seeing. However, for your ease, we have put together a list of must-visit places. All you need is a reliable and fast internet connection to locate and get information about all the amazing stuff to do. For that, we recommend getting the best internet in Des Moines

After that, start following the list to make your visit worthwhile.

History Museum

First on our list of amazing things is the State Historical Museum, with roots in history, culture, and nature. Situated near the grand Capitol building, it has some historical artifacts and items from the Native Americans, the Civil War, and many more. 

The history museum started back in 1857 with a small collection, which has now crossed 80,000 items from as early as 13,000 years ago. It regularly hosts exhibitions and has café and tours in its granite and glass building.  

Greater Botanical Garden

Located near the east of the wide river, the Greater Botanical Garden is a beautifully colorful sight. It has many flowers, plants, trees, shrubs, and greenhouses. 

The garden got completed in 1939, and since then, it has grown tremendously. Now it also has sections for cactuses and succulents. Moreover, the great dome holds exotic plants, palm trees, and a breathtaking waterfall. 

Blank Park Zoo

Situated south of the center, the Blank Park Zoo is a great place for everyone, especially animal-lover and kids. It has several animal exhibits, sights, compounds, and appreciable features. 

The zoo opened its doors in 1996 and has grown ever since. It has more than 1500 mammals, birds, and various species of reptiles. Moreover, it also houses African lions, Amur tigers, rhinos, giraffes, zebras, red pandas, and penguins. Additionally, it has activities for kids, including slides and fossil digging. 

Salisbury House

The state Salisbury House is an architectural masterpiece with its massive size and beautiful gardens. It was built between 1923 and 1928 in the King’s House in Salisbury, England. 

The impressive mansion has more than forty rooms and many antiques to behold. 

Art Center

The elegant Art Center is another attraction to visit while in Des Moines. Moreover, it has a great mix of Art deco, Art Nouveau, and great modern designs with amazing features and art. 

The art show started in 1948 and is only growing bigger – as the study of art is not yet done. Many famous artists have made art for the museum, which visitors can view and amaze at   

Principle Park

If you are not into museums, history, and all the boring stuff, our next entry, Principle Park, will surely get your head tuning if you are a sports fan. Home club for Iowa Cubs, the great stadium is the meeting grounds for many.

The park was built in 1992 and is rated one of the best places for minor league ballparks. Many enthusiasts and sports lovers watch the games from the seats that give an excellent view of the grounds. 

Living History Farms

Another watchful piece of history is the Living History Farms. The open-air museum, with live shows, informative segments, and cosplayers, brings great Iowa’s agricultural history to life. 

Situated west of downtown, the Living History Farms was founded in 1970 and is a great visitor spot with 300 years of history. Moreover, it covers the 1700 Ioway Indian Farm and 1850 Pioneer Farm. Together the traditional sights and working shows how much life has modernized from the old times.

Farmers Market

The tours and visits can get tiring and drains energy from a person, and there’s no better place to go than the Farmer’s Market. It has some delicious foods, baked goods, and fresh stock over endless stalls and stands and a huge crowd. However, it is held on Saturday mornings from May till October. 

The market has been running since 1975, connecting the whole community and city to shop from over 300 vendors. You can find butcher shops, coffee stands, bakeries, food trucks, local fruits and vegetables, and much more. It is a great place showcasing the traditional culture, and the musicians and performers enhance the market’s ambiance. 

Capitol Building

One more of the city’s architectural masterpieces is the artistic Capitol Building, which serves as the seat of Iowa’s government. It shows great work, the most remarkable of which is the glittering 23-karat golden dome visible from miles away. 

Constructed in 1871 – 1886, the Capitol reflects strength, nobility, and craftsmanship that stands solid atop the hill, projecting a breathtaking view. Moreover, it is the only five-domed Capitol with royal insides giving an elegant sight to visitors.

Fairgrounds Activities

Every year in August, over a million visitors in the city come to the Des Moines fairgrounds to witness tradition and culture in full effect. There are many activities, including carnival rides, parades, exhibitions, and more. 

The fairgrounds have been going on since 1886 on the east of town with all its fun-filled festiveness, one of the oldest, largest, and biggest pieces of every niche and market.

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These are the historical marvels of Des Moines that are a must-watch for every visitor. It refreshes memory and provides a great experience to live with.




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