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Best Improvements for Your Vacation Home

by SAM

Your own vacation home or beach house comes with countless perks, many of which will save you considerable money and time on your next holiday. Not having to pay for a hotel will surely add to the appeal of your next summer weekend getaway. Your vacation home should feel comfortable, hassle-free, and convenient (perhaps more than your permanent residence), regardless of whether you rent it or keep it private. Here you will find some great ways to enhance the time you spend relaxing in your perfect home away from home.

Give Your Kitchen New Perks

Vacations are often associated with dining out, which could be why some vacation homeowners neglect to update their kitchens. There is no doubt that a kitchen remodel is one of the most effective home improvements for your return on investment. Generally, you should spend at least ten percent of a renovation on your kitchen. Also, you can prefer staircase parts that look good in your interior design. Consider factors like functionality and convenience when figuring out which appliances you need. It can be annoying when a coffee maker malfunctions on vacation when you’re trying to enjoy the sunrise, so be sure all devices are current.

Build a Sunroom

A sunroom, filled with sunlight and cozy patio furniture, is the perfect spot to relax and enjoy yourself. These transitional spaces bring the outdoors into your vacation home while protecting you from the weather. Whether you call it a sunroom or a Florida room, these space additions can help you make the most of the outdoors and increase the value of your home. Considering all it takes is an existing patio, a Florida room cost only requires your choices of design preferences, materials, framing for the wall, windows, and additional electrical outlets. The foundation, floor, and roof are already there.

Freshen Your Landscape

When you are on vacation, you want a home that feels welcoming. If you landscape your yard, you will achieve a cleaner and more attractive environment. Landscaping creates a more relaxing atmosphere for your vacation home and makes your house look stunning, adding value to your property through improved curb appeal. While it may seem costly initially, investing in landscape style will pay off if you sell your vacation home.

Relax Enjoying Your Outdoor Kitchen

Grilling in a well-equipped outdoor kitchen is a great way to take the party outside. Instead of running food back and forth from the house, you can prepare tasty meals right where you want them, thanks to an outdoor cooking area. Modern stainless steel appliances are a great addition to an elegant, practical outdoor kitchen you can design and build.

Consider Tall Windows

Oversized windows in your vacation home will allow you to enjoy the scenery. Floor-to-ceiling windows are prevalent in many beach houses so residents can wake up to see the ocean’s crashing waves. The more windows in a room, the more natural lighting there is, which can be incredibly beneficial and reduce power usage. There are countless design options and materials available to choose from that will cater to your design preferences. 

Make Your Bathroom Luxurious

When you are on vacation, you enjoy spacious, well-lit rooms, so consider this when decorating your bathroom. Remember that it is one of the essential rooms in your vacation home. To evoke a sense of modernity and luxury, use neutral colors and sleek materials, such as vinyl, marble, and LED lighting fixtures, rather than harsh, amber-toned lighting. Be sure your bathroom is more than just a replica of the one you have in your permanent residence. You can add more eye-catching features, such as a jacuzzi tub, heated floors, or an eye-catching pedestal sink.

Upgrading your vacation home is one of the few investments that will benefit you personally and financially. It will enhance your holiday experience every time you get away. As a result, you can take easy, relaxing breaks at little to no additional cost, diversify your income, and even use it for retirement if you wish.

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