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Because it’s more effective to learn English via native-speech spelling tests, here are some reasons why

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Which of the following learning activities should take precedence when attempting to master the English language? Do you think it’s grammar, speaking ability, or listening ability that’s more important? What if the greatest method to learn English was by taking a spell bee words test? You can also learn 5th grade spelling words.

Current Approaches Fail for What?

Grammar classes are the traditional way to begin learning English. What was the result? The past-present-future tense is practised before the learner has a sufficient vocabulary. But it’s not something you should put first.


It is the words that make up a language, not the laws that govern its structure. To begin, you must learn how to communicate your thoughts through words. After that, you should pay attention to how you organise your thoughts.Consider the possibility that you met someone who could barely communicate in English one afternoon. 

It’s not even a whole thought!

To be sure, that individual was a complete success from the standpoint of communication. This is the power of having an extensive vocabulary and being well-versed in the language. Being able to communicate in a foreign tongue is made easier by mastering grammar. A thorough grasp of grammar is also required if you wish to become fluent in that language. However, it does not appear to be the essential precondition for learning a language. That merit is derived through familiarity with the language’s vocabulary. Never forget: Language serves primarily the purpose of communicating and expressing one’s innermost thoughts and feelings. Would you mind concentrating on words and vocabulary when you are learning a new language?

The second biggest blunder is trying to learn English by studying other languages.

Please learn English in the English language! Absorption is the most common method of language learning for non-native English speakers. This occurs due to our desire to learn more about something new by utilising some well-known tools. However, this approach has one major drawback: the inability to master the language fluently as a native speaker.


You’re leaning far too heavily on a translation during this procedure. Consider the case when your native tongue is Korean. Thought is expressed by first conceiving it in Korean, then mentally translating it into English, and then speaking. Unfortunately, it’s practically impossible to convey an idea effectively when speaking in a different language. It’s impossible to communicate authentic feeling and intensity through translation because every language has its own set of words for expressing concepts.

There’s also the problem of mispronouncing words. Do you aspire to sound like a native English speaker when you communicate in English?

To make learning to spell more enjoyable, try using several spelling tips and techniques. You can only master English if you learn it utilising the English language. You will, however, be well-equipped with a firm foundation of information.

Looking for a Solution

As a result, we have two significant discoveries to our credit right now:

  • Vocabulary is more important than grammar
  • It is preferable to learn English through the use of the English language.
  • Using these strategies, how can we improve our English fluency and sound like native speakers?
  • Spelling exams or English dictation are excellent solutions.

The development of vocabulary is closely linked to the performance on spelling tests and spelling exercises. Because learning the meaning of words is just as important as practising spelling. Instead, we hear a word, memorise its spelling, and move on without thinking about its purpose. It’s ideal if you learn some basic of your English vocabulary before coming to this meeting. You won’t obtain the same results learning the definitions of terms in another language.

Spelling exams, therefore, can serve two functions.

  • Improving your spelling abilities
  • Acquiring a working knowledge of the English lexicon

Other approaches won’t yield the same results.

If you’re trying to improve your vocabulary through listening, you’ll run upon homonyms. When different words have the same pronunciation but a different meaning, they are considered homophones. It’s difficult to tell if someone says “by” instead of “bye” when there’s no context.

Conclusion: So, spelling drills and exams are critical for spelling improvement. Furthermore, appropriate spelling is a foundational ability for good writing. https://spellquiz.com can help you with everything.

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