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5 Awesome Ideas for Custom Design

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Are you starting up with your very own business, and want to make it successful? While you might have already worked out on the product and its unmatched quality, make sure you do not miss out on the packaging. Custom packages add a touch of exclusivity for your business and the products you are producing. These are especially designed to protect the product, making it better than ordinary packaging. Most importantly, it increases the urge and excitement of the customers to buy and open it up.

If your brand does not have custom packaging, it will be difficult for you to stand out from the competition. Even the ones that are as basic as everyday kitchen supplies come in proper packaging like the commonly used hand wash and soap packages. Nevertheless, all the non-essential products come in attractive packaging, thereby enticing their customers. 

In addition to this, the potential customers will be less likely to respond positively if the packaging is bland and boring. To ensure that packaging works flawlessly, it is best to send it through the testing process. Work on a few packaging ideas, send it out to some customers, and see how the feedback turns out to be! 

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some packaging ideas for your business:


It is a basic pattern repeated indefinitely, or a complicated logo that is tessellated to perfection. Patterned packaging is a visually appealing packaging trend that can help your company stand out. 

Similar colors along with the various unique shapes give a unified sense across your packaging design. Use a design on the sides of the box, but keep the top surface blank except for your logo. This draws the eye in and forces it to focus on the logo by creating a frame around the surface. 

Create Fun Packaging

Fun packaging isn’t only for kids, instead the adults can enjoy the process and have fun too. This is especially the case when children are allowed to style the images and graphics to use as a textural element, thereby giving a 2D or a 3D effect. The bright colors and odd designs that dominate children’s items can work in adult products, but a more subtle approach is typically preferred.

Artistic Doodles

Doodling on the top, sides, and even the bottom of a personalised box is one of the cutest ways to personalise it. It doesn’t matter if your art isn’t particularly attractive; almost anyone can draw simple line drawings. Doodles provide a personalized feel to your product packaging, allowing you to creatively communicate your brand’s individuality.

Use the Metallic Look

Most labels are printed on white or transparent materials, but you have many more possibilities to choose from. Likewise, try to utilize metallic foil on your labels or packaging for a unique look. When compared to the identical pattern on white, the metallic finish is less expensive and may turn out to give a really stunning design. 


Stencils are another simple method to customize a box. But the ease won’t limit your creative capabilities. You may make your own stencils using internet printables, or if your company is extremely creative, you may already have some. If you don’t have, get some and then personalise the box, whatever the scenario may be. One excellent tip is to outline the stencils with a light pencil, then colour in the stencils with a black marker. The vibrant stencil designs will attract potential consumers. Such simple illustrations will catch the customer’s sight, making them explore the package. This is quite attractive and eye-catching.

Sustainable Packaging 

Sustainable packaging incorporates the use of eco-friendly packaging. It does not require the use of cutting-edge technology or the replacement of all of your packaging supplies. Rather, one can use materials over and over again. Packaging material like bottles, ribbons, and boxes can be used again and one can find such leftover-pieces from their home. So why not use them in packaging!

The Takeaway

You can’t just put your stuff in a plain box. Not in today’s era of unpacking videos and continuous social media rants about the entire package opening experience. Rather, you have to go far beyond with box design ideas to stand out from the crowd. And with these packaging ideas, you can surely attract your clients, deliver the brand message and remain distinctive.

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