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8 Types of Graphic Designs You Need to Know

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Many individuals conceive graphic design as a single field, utterly naive of its richness and versatility. And everybody of us has a distinct impression regarding this issue. If you question five individuals about their knowledge of graphic design, they will likely come up with various replies. Others may associate it with websites, some may claim it is about generating brochures, and some think of it as digital design construction. And you would find it amusing because none of these references is inaccurate! 


To better serve their clients, graphic designers often choose to specialize in either one of these eight areas or a collection of categories that are pretty similar to each other. Therefore, you must also know about these significant forms of graphic design to choose the service provider correctly. 

1. Visual Identity Graphic Design  

A firm becomes a brand when consumers can recognize its uniqueness and narrative as one of a kind! Visual identity graphic design is the act of constructing these tales and giving them a creative life. Graphic designers are responsible for conveying the company’s personality and slogan via the use of pictures, forms, colors, and tones in the story. The use of images, feelings, the philosophy of the brand, and the message all combine to make a long-lasting impression on the audience that is intended for them.

2 Advertising & Marketing Graphic Design  

Most individuals have their minds set on one particular application when they think about graphic design. Graphic design for advertising and marketing includes creating adverts for both digital and print media to attract consumers. It involves the production of flawless advertisements, such as posters, hoardings, and brochures, which give a creative explanation of your business’s concepts, products, and mission statement. Every product that falls under this category maintains a preeminent position in the market as well as in the marketing campaigns of various companies.

3. User Interface Graphic Design 

Graphic design for user interfaces, often known as UI graphic design, is another sub-field that focuses on producing appealing and visually appealing user interface layouts for software or hardware products. In this context, designers are responsible for fitting elements like typography, colors, pictures, and shapes to provide consumers with the optimal visual experience. To improve the user experience of their mobile application and website, companies that already have such platforms need to hire the most pleasing user interface graphic design services.

4 Publication Graphic Design  

Publications, as well known to the general public, are media houses that connect with the general public via the public distribution of printed goods such as books, periodicals, newspapers, catalogs, and so on. Generating covers and other visual graphics for various projects associated with a publication is known as “publication graphic design.” This category mainly concerns the graphic design style used for print media. The importance of colors and proper alignment cannot be overstated here.

5 Packaging Graphic Design  

In today’s highly competitive consumer market, every brand tries to demonstrate to customers why they are better, leaving no avenue unexplored in their pursuit of these customers. In this effort, businesses are spending enormous sums on the visual design of their packaging in the hope of obtaining the most appealing packaging possible for their goods. This design aims to produce a package for bottles, cartons, bags, containers, and other packaging materials that is aesthetically pleasing to the human eye.

In this particular scenario, designers need to specialize in print media. To prevent the printed pictures and graphics from being fragmented into pixel boxes, they need to have a solid understanding of the technical aspects of the design. Yes, designers also need to have a deep knowledge of the intricate processes involved in industrial production designs. The three most important aspects are visual identity, photography, and drawings. The files that are ready to be printed might be placed on the surface of a jute bag or a metal container. Therefore, graphic designers must be exact with every aspect of the design process. 

6 Motion Graphic Design

The term “motion graphic designing” refers to graphic designs that may be animated; therefore, if we take the term literally, motion graphic designing refers to the creation of graphic designs. The vast majority of graphic designers in this field are employed in internet media, television, and cinema. Some also collaborate with production and animation studios to develop brand-specific motion graphics appealing to the eye. Motion graphic designers are in high demand in this day and age because of the proliferation of digital media. 

Graphic designers who focus on moving sequences, music, videography, images, and animation all fall within the purview of this sector of the profession. The purpose of this project is to generate moving visuals that will be used in a variety of contexts throughout a film. These sections provide a primary emphasis on picture slides depicting various aspects of graphic design; to improve the flow of the presentation, we arranged the slides in a particular order. Motion graphic designs have become widespread across all kinds of digital media and social networking sites.

7 Art & Illustration Graphic Design  

For this sub-field of graphic design, an illustration must be either a unique piece of artwork or an artistic expression of an important concept. The graphics that accompany a narrative fall under this category. In most cases, the graphic design does not pertain to any particular brand or product. On the other hand, fashion or manufacturing businesses may employ artists from this group to carry out advertising efforts.

Graphic designers operating in this industry have developed specialties in areas like artistic thought and the fusion of various hues. In addition, they are experts in designing posters and hoardings that are attractive to the eye to convey information that relates to or reflects a particular art form. 

8 Environmental Graphic Design  

Graphic design encompasses various subfields, one of which is environmental graphic design. This subfield of graphic design focuses on making informational environments more engaging and aesthetically attractive to the audience. This design aims to connect individuals to specific locations and provide them with an experience that will last with them. Environmental design encompasses all of these facets, including, but not limited to, the backdrops in museums and the signs in art auditoriums.Graphic designers in this field must convey a message clearly while including visually engaging elements in their work. To create designs that have an effect, they need to have a strong understanding of geometry, alignment, imagery, and colour palettes. The environmental techniques that a designer creates represent the level of accuracy and expertise that the designer has. Juno Creative is agency which is working perfectly for 13 years. Hire the best creative designers from here to get the best outcomes.

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