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Astrology and Fortune Telling: What’s the Connection?

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In this article, we will know if there is any connection between Astrology and fortune telling or not. If yes, then how are they related? And how much truth is it?

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The practice of foretelling about a person’s life is known as fortune-telling. The scope of fortune-telling is about informing the theory, as same as that of divination. The difference is that divination refers to predictions made as part of a religious ritual invoking deities or spirits. In contrast, fortune-telling refers to a less serious or formal setting, even in popular culture, where the concept of suggestion, spiritual or practical advisory, or affirmation takes precedence over belief in occult workings behind the Prediction.

We all want to know what our future has in store for us. When we are in a difficult situation, we have a stronger desire to know how things will turn out in the future. This is why people flock in droves to astrologers and fortune-tellers in the hopes of getting a glimpse into their futures. They expect to learn what will happen so that they may plan accordingly. They can maintain their optimism by knowing that the days ahead will be better. The best astrologer in Delhi offers daily free tarot readings and actual psychic readings to help individuals understand the dangers and fortunes that await them in their lives.

Experts in fortune-telling or astrology can now offer forecasts based on worldwide trends regarding what will happen in the future. Some of these predictions have proven accurate, but many others have not. People used to contact oracles, priests, and priestesses who claimed to have received information from the Gods and would impart it to them. People nowadays usually consult astrologers or fortune-tellers.

The art of Prediction.

Fortune-telling is the art of predicting the future via crystal balls, palm reading, or a cup of tea leaves. Some people do not believe in this art and believe the readings are false. Some people, however, believe in fortune-telling to make money.

According to critics, this skill lacks consistency since when two fortune-tellers are asked an identical subject, the chances are that their forecasts would differ significantly. Even if two fortune-tellers read the identity card or palm, they can develop two different readings. People do not believe in crystal balls, assuming they are nothing more than props.

On the other hand, astrology attempts to forecast the future by examining the relative positions of several celestial bodies. The positions of the planets, sun, and moon, according to astrologers, have a significant impact on human lives. Even when the issue is the same, astrological predictions might differ from one astrologer to another.

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Astrology may help a person become more aware of his innate qualities and gifts, as well as the options he has in life and the reasons for specific events that have occurred. Astrology can help you figure out your strengths and limitations, as well as the perfect periods to start new businesses and even look back on particular aspects of your previous life.

Tarot card reading, astromancy, pendulum reading, palmistry, crystallomancy, Feng Shui, lithomancy, necromancy, face reading, numerology, and other fortune-telling procedures are examples of astrology.

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