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Are the Symptoms of Covid-19 and Dengue Similar?

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Dengue and Covid-19 are both illnesses that are caused by viruses. While Dengue has been known to cause severe illness in humans, Covid is a recently emerged infection, which was first detected in 2019. Dengue is caused by more than one type of virus and it is transmitted through the bite of a mosquito. 

The Covid-19 virus has been detected in Singapore but is not as deadly as previous outbreaks of infections such as SARS. The original source of Covid-19 is still not known for certain, but scientists believe that it may have spread from an animal host to a human at some stage before being transmitted to other people

Why it is important to compare Covid-19 and Dengue

It is important to know what the symptoms of both viral infections are and how they are similar and how they differ because certain countries, such as Singapore, have instances of both Dengue and Covid-19. Covid-19 is very contagious and is spread from one person to another. 

Symptoms that are similar between Covid-19 and Dengue 

Both Dengue and Covid-19 infections can cause general body aches, specifically muscle pains. These viruses can also cause stomach upset. People may experience vomiting and nausea if they have either Covid-19 or Dengue. Having a fever and feeling very tired are also symptoms of both these infections.

Symptoms that are more indicative of Covid-19

Besides the general symptoms of headache, fever, and gastrointestinal upset, Covid-19 patients are more likely to have respiratory symptoms including a stuffy or runny nose, a sore throat, chest pain and infection, and a dry cough. There also can be a loss of taste and smell. The patients may also develop Covid toes in which the toes swell up.

Covid-19 symptoms vary in frequency and intensity depending on the variant, so for instance, Omicron has more symptoms like that of a sinus infection compared with the original Covid strain that manifested as a pneumonia. Patients with Covid-19 may have trouble breathing and end up in respiratory failure as oxygen levels drop.

Symptoms that are more indicative of Dengue

Dengue can be a mild illness, but in severe cases there can be bleeding. The mouth and nose may bleed and patients may vomit blood. The liver may also enlarge in people with severe infections. While Dengue also causes headaches like in Covid-19 the pain is often felt right behind the eyes in Dengue. 

The fever of Dengue is also more constant than in Covid-19, while in Covid the fever often comes and goes. Dengue patients often get a rash of reddish-purple dots over the arms and legs that itches and spreads. The patients also may have a lower-than-normal white blood cell count. The hemorrhage in Dengue can be dangerous and can result in shock from low blood pressure.To sum up, knowing the differences and similarities between diseases like Covid-19 and Dengue is important for experts in pest control in Singapore and for public health officials.

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