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Are Solar Panels in winter a Safe Bet

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Solar Panels in Winters

Solar systems are some of the most discussed topics today. Clean energy is a world focus and should be adopted much quicker. One of the biggest questions that plagues solar adaptation is whether solar panels in winter provide the required efficiency. There are many different answers to this question. But, straight off the bat, we can tell you, yes solar energy systems work in the winter seasons too. Their efficiency will certainly drop. However, solar systems can still provide the required energy.

Not only in the winter season, some parts of the world are particularly cold. Canada, parts of USA and UK get very little sun all year. Most European countries are the same as well. So, this is why there is this huge concern looming on solar power systems. However, solar panels work on solar radiations and not sunlight alone. Since radiation breaks through clouds as well, there will always be workable energy. Here’s what you need to know about winter seasons or cold parts of the world and solar energy:

Solar Panels in Winter Capturing the Sun’s Radiation

Opposite to popular belief, solar panels still catch solar radiation even in winter cloud covered days. However, the main cause of concern is the number of daylight hours. Since days are shorter in winters, even best solar panels will catch less daylight and solar radiations producing less energy.

You need to have that solar panels system calibrated to capture most sun during winter days. Modern more efficient solar panels are designed to produce more electricity even in low-light conditions. Anti-reflective glass helps high-quality panels to process more light and energy.

Also, panels need to be able to trap daylight and solar radiation from all angles. Such high-end panels will produce energy throughout a winter day even when there is a cloud cover. Also, this is what you need in the winter cloud cover days for maximum energy efficiency.

Snowed on Solar Panels in Winter Are No Good – Removing the Snow

When solar panels get external materials on them, their efficiency drops. In fact, when there is a layer of snow on them, they will not produce much energy at all. Also, since solar panels are usually at the roof for any domestic or commercial building or exposed completely, they will get snowed on in winter.

So, what you need to do is to regularly remove any residual snow from your panels. Move that snow off the surface of solar panels. Even a hot water spray treatment can help. High-end solar panels are completely waterproof. So, whatever you need to do to remove the snow, make sure to do it.

Regular Cleaning or Occasional Spray Wash Is Important

In addition to all that snow, other materials land on and stick to solar panels surface during winters as well. These can include dust in the air, fallen tree leaves if you have trees nearby and more. Windy or storm-prone parts of the world have many other debris like paper or plastic to worry about as well.

All solar energy systems need direct sunlight or sun’s radiation falling onto those panels. If there is anything in between sunlight and your solar panels in winter, efficiency will be affected. So, making sore to regularly cleaning and that occasional clean water spray bath helps keep efficiency high.

Solar Systems Can Hold Their Own in Tough Weather

Another question that bugs many homeowners is the fact that solar panels are large plates. These aren’t the most aerodynamic in nature especially when you consider high wind pressures during winter. Wind pressure can also cause large plates that are in shape of solar panels to lift off and fly away damaged.

However, quality solar panels are installed in unique ways by professional solar installers. Top quality panels can not only withstand all kinds of winter conditions but keep producing the desired energy. Extreme snow, 90mph winds and long durations of rain, cannot deter durable solar systems.

Also, very little maintenance is in fact needed for quality solar panels. Renowned service providers offer scheduled maintenance visits when needed as well. So, winter season doesn’t really post a threat to the best solar systems at all.

Solar Panels in Winter for Colder Parts of the World

Countries of the world like Canada, Russia, the United Kingdom, parts of USA and Europe get quite low sun hours. These are colder parts of the world. Winter is even harsher here. Efficiency of solar panels depends directly on factors like snow, storms and others.

So, if your area gets a lot of snow, you will have to clear it up quickly every day. Also, if it is always heavily cloudy, your solar systems will need more solar panels in winter seasons. Make sure to get your professional solar installation experts to examine your surroundings when suggesting a solar system.

Should You Go Solar This Year?

Most definitely yes. The time to go solar is now. For far too long, we have used energy produced from natural resources. Diminished air quality in major cities of the world is proof enough. Also, natural energy resources are and always have been limited. Solar power is renewable and free to use.

As long as there is the sun, we can get solar energy. So, solar panels in winter might not provide the exact efficiency of the summer season. However, this should not deter you from adopting solar. Change your energy needs and routines instead and rely on this clean, green and renewable form of energy.

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