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Are Online Conveyancing Solicitors Like My Home Move Conveyancing Any Good?

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With many businesses, the days of brick-and-mortar stores and offices are rapidly declining. Today many people conduct business online. GPs, engineers, teachers, and many others offer online business services, and now, this trend has caught conveyancing solicitors. All over the internet, one can find conveyancing solicitors in the UK like My Home Move Conveyancing, and overall, they appear to be slightly cheaper than physically visiting the solicitor’s office. But is an online conveyancing solicitor the right approach for people buying or selling a home?

Why This Trend is Catching On

In general, after you register, upload your official home documents and pay the fees, there is little interaction with your conveyancing solicitor. He or she will communicate with the other party on your behalf and notify you of any updates, but this process usually takes place by phone or via email. Whilst some solicitors still prefer to have in-person visits because of privacy laws, many simply prefer to save time and handle communication electronically. As a result, online services like My Home Move Conveyancing and other similar companies just make sense. 

Is Online Conveyancing Cheaper?

In most cases, online conveyancing is cheaper than physically visiting a solicitor at his or her office, which can be a real benefit to buyers and sellers alike. Fees vary but generally range between £800-£1500, plus the cost of disbursements. 

Should you choose to work with an online Conveyancer, however, you’ll want to do a bit of digging into the fee structure. Some offer a low flat fee, then add costs for additional services, so you’ll want to know beforehand what the costs will be and whether there are additional fees. 

One of the other real bonuses in terms of costs with online Conveyancers is the fact that most of them operate on a “No Sale, No Fee” basis. That means if the sale of your house should fall through, you don’t have to pay any fees at all. 

Is Online Conveyancing Faster?

With most online conveyancers, the process is faster as you can start everything from home including uploading your documents, plus you can also sign the documents digitally. Online systems offer better visibility of the progress and also allow you to communicate with the solicitor in case of questions. That means you can track your case from day to day and respond to any potential problems immediately. 

So, Which is Better?

There is not much of a difference between online Conveyancers and those down the road. It is all a matter of personal preference. However, the world has gone digital and online business is now the norm. But in the end, it all boils down to finding an experienced and trustworthy conveyance solicitor; this may be either online or in an office. You just need to do some legwork. There are a couple of ways to get started to connect with the Conveyancer you need. Start by speaking to friends or family members who may have had prior interaction with these professionals. If they have had a good experience, then you are on the right track. You may also want to talk to your estate agent. He or she could have some helpful recommendations. Additionally, you’ll want to look into online reviews. See how other home buyers and sellers have responded to the professionals you’re considering. Good service is key. Finally, consider the fee structure. Most online conveyancing solicitors post their fees and thus you can compare them. Once you have a few quotes, call the office and clarify the fee. Find out whether it’s a flat fee or an hourly rate. The last step in the process is to do a quick phone interview just to get a sense of who will be responsible for your case, how they might communicate with you throughout the process, and how helpful they are. If you feel uncomfortable as you chat, it may be best to connect with another team. Above all, make certain your Conveyancer – online or off – is a licensed conveyancing professional who can help you sort out your real estate transaction. Scams abound these days, and the last thing you want to jeopardise is a property sale. 

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