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7 Reasons marketing on Instagram reels is better than marketing on TikTok

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There are services out there for Instagram and TikTok promotion. You can buy Instagram views or get yourself some services to buy TikTok likes. If you are looking to choose one of the platforms for marketing your brand’s products or services then Instagram is a good choice. Here, we list 7 reasons why marketing using Instagram reels can give better results than using TikTok for the same. Let’s get into it. 

  • More Users 

The sheer volume of users on Instagram is more than the ones on TikTok. TikTok can of course help you go viral but if you want to use a social media platform for marketing then focus more on using Instagram reels over TikTok because it has got more users. Plus, Instagram offers a variety of experiences to its users which is why it can often be more engaging thus, attracting more users. The ad platform of Instagram is quite powerful and a lot of people have watched ads on Instagram reels. Instagram has also been downloaded many more times than TikTok. 

  • A Bigger Worldwide Presence

Instagram has a big global presence. It has the added power of one of the biggest social media platforms of all time, Facebook. Instagram is used by millions around the world every day. It is present in most countries. That is not true for TikTok. TikTok is not available in many countries. Also, TikTok is banned in a few countries like India which has a massive user base on social media platforms. This means if you are looking to target a more global audience and you have limited funds then it is kind of advisable to use Instagram reels as the platform has a bigger presence than TikTok.

  • Instagram Promotes E-commerce

One of the biggest strengths of Instagram is that it is highly brand-friendly i.e. you can not only promote or market your products to generate leads but also gain some conversions and directly sell your products and services via Instagram. Instagram stores are one of the best places to sell your products. When you promote your brand or product on Instagram reel, it is very easy to add your product link there. So, if a user is interested in the product they can directly interact with the link and get taken to the e-commerce interface. So, it makes more sense to market on Instagram reels. 

  • More Brand Value and Goodwill Among Users and Businesses

Instagram has more brand value and goodwill among businesses and users. A lot of users have actively used Instagram to buy products or services. The conversion rate from Instagram is very high. This is because the users place a certain trust in Instagram. After all, the platform has been geared towards businesses and brands for a long time. TikTok started as a way to just entertain the younger generation. It has taken a more different form now but it still lags behind Instagram when it comes to promotion and marketing. Due to the various support for promotion and marketing, brands and businesses also trust Instagram more. 

  • More Flexible Content

Instagram is a good platform for promotion. This is why many people buy Instagram views for reels and videos. When you post Instagram reels the content is much more flexible to reuse and edit. When you create a TikTok, the video gets a TikTok watermark. This is something that may not be something you want on your promotion content since you may need to use the same video to promote on social media platforms. When you make an Instagram reel it does not add any watermark making it more organic to use on other platforms. Also, it is very easy to edit reels. You can add more content to it or remove some stuff to make it tight.

  • A Better Platform For Visibility

If you want to share short video content for marketing and promotion then TikTok and Instagram are both good platforms to do so. That’s why you see so many people use services to buy TikTok views and Instagram views. But one of the reasons Instagram has an edge over similar media-based platforms is because of the various functionalities and tabs that are present in it. When you create and upload a reel on Instagram it can appear at a bunch of places. It can appear on the feeds of your followers. It can appear on the explore page. People using the reels tab can discover your video there. If you want you can also post your reel as a story and your followers will be able to see it when they look through the stories in their stories feed.

  • Audience Demographic

The audience demographic of Instagram is much wider than TikTok. If you are marketing something towards a younger audience i.e. young Gen-Zs then TikTok is your platform. But if you want to rope in Millennials, Baby Boomers and Older Gen-Zs then Instagram is a much better bet. You will generally have a much better chance of finding your target audience on Instagram than on TikTok.

So, these were some of the reasons to use Instagram reels for marketing rather than TikTok. Both the platforms are good for promotion. But if you have a limited budget then going for Instagram can be a good option in many cases. There is third-party support for both platforms. We wish you all the best.

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