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6 Ways to Foster Diversity in Your Workplace with Your Recruitment Process

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Having a diverse team means people from different backgrounds and experiences, and definitely, different perspectives. These minds are brought together to come up with new and diverse ideas to make problem-solving and decision-making easier. In addition, it adds to the creativity and innovation that result in improved and better team performance. Besides fulfilling a moral obligation, building a diverse team is a great move for any organization.
However, building a diverse team isn’t that easy especially with the recruitment process full of biases. If you are to do it successfully and hire candidates on a merit basis, you have the task of ensuring that you give all applicants an equal opportunity regardless of their inherent or acquired diversity. Here are 6 ways that you can tweak your recruitment process to help you hire more diversely.

1. Showcase diversity in your company culture and policies
Building a diverse team starts with attracting individuals from all walks of life. The modern employee is very keen on the kind of employer he or she is willing to work for. Thus, the best way to get diverse people to get interested in working for you is by creating an employer brand that shows its value for diversity. Talk openly about diversity with your team. Work on fostering diverse values in the company culture. Highlight your employees’ stories, create videos of your diverse team in action, and display them in all your company channels. In addition to having these values in your company culture, ensure that you live by those values in the daily running of your company. For instance, you can consider including more community events or religious holidays to accommodate people from different religions.

2. Be creative with your job ads
One of the reasons you are not getting diverse applicants could be your job ads. If you write job ads geared towards a particular group of people, rarely will candidates from other groups apply. It is time that you audit your job ads to include more inclusive language that appeals to different groups of people. However, if your goal is to attract a specific demographic in order to meet your diversity goals, then writing your job ad targeted to that group would suffice. For instance, if you want to add more women to your tech team, specifying that in your job ad can get more women to apply.

3. Cast your net wider
If you are to get diverse applicants, then you can benefit greatly from fishing from diverse places. Besides posting your job ad on your website and social media pages, find other places to convey the message. For instance, you can post your job ad in groups where diverse candidates congregate. If you are after getting more women in tech, you can find dedicated groups for that particular group of people. You can ask SEO consultants on what kind of keyword to use on you job ad to make it more inclusive to people of all walk of life.
In addition, ask for referrals from your current diverse employees. These employees are likely to know people in their networks who are similar to them. Encourage them to share your job ads with other people from the same demographic.

4. Find ways to eliminate bias
Unconscious bias is one of the major hindrances to diversity and inclusion in hiring. You can find ways to reduce or eliminate such biases to pave the way for more diverse individuals in your team. Start by educating your hiring team about unconscious bias. This way, they can be able to recognize and avoid such instances. In addition, ensure that your job ads focus only on skills needed for the job and avoid words that focus on individual characteristics. Using blind resumes also go a long way in screening candidates for their skills and leaving everything else that is not related to job performance. Additionally, ensure that assessment tests and interviews are standardized to eliminate biases such as race or gender.

5. Have a hiring panel with diverse individuals
Ensuring that your recruitment panel is composed of individuals from diverse backgrounds is another way of reducing unconscious bias. In addition, it is a great way in enhancing candidate engagement during the hiring process. Candidates are likely to feel at ease with a person similar to them in the panel. Moreover, it can encourage them to stick to the end of the recruitment process.

6. Partner with a recruiting agency
When it comes to fostering diversity with your hiring process, implementing some strategies can be quite daunting. You can bypass the challenge by outsourcing the recruitment process to an employer of the records services provider. Opt for a provider that values diversity. With their extensive resources and networks, a good agency can be capable of helping you recruit diverse individuals to your team.

Building a diverse team is highly beneficial for the growth of your business. Moreover, adjusting your recruitment process to attract and hire people from diverse backgrounds is your best option in fostering a diverse team. Start by encouraging diverse values in your culture and company policies. In addition, audit your job ads, post them in diverse places, and put together a panel made of diverse individuals. It is also important to ensure a bias-free recruitment process. Working with a partner that values diversity also goes a long way in helping you build the diverse team of your dreams.

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