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6 Important Key facts about nail polish Boxes

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Meanwhile, the first colored nail enamel was introduced in 1932 by the company Revlon.

Nail polish is the beauty product that requires the most protection. But, unfortunately, the polish usually lies in a glass bottle which makes it notably vulnerable. And for that purpose, we need an ideal and perfect packaging box.

But if we also wish to sell nail polish, then which packaging box should we use? And what features in the box should we look for? If you are curious, then keep reading. But, first, we will discuss six vital facts about nail polish boxes.

Customized packaging for nail polish:

Let us discuss some of the packaging boxes for our nail polish.

Window packaging boxes:

These boxes are getting used to giving a sneak peek of the item to our customers. In the case of nail polish, they prove to be helpful for both sellers and clients. And the reason is simple: the color of the item can get acknowledged by customers effortlessly.

Rigid packaging boxes:

These boxes often get used as gift items. But in the case of nail polish, they are valuable, as they can keep the piece safe from any external pressure or harm. Using these boxes, we could ensure that our items would be safe during shipping or on the store shelf.

Boxes with cardboard inserts:

These boxes are serviceable when there’s more than one product in each box. They do not let the items hit each other and also make it look presentable.

Nature of packaging boxes:

Never use plastic or any non-organic material for your products. They not only impose a negative expression on the customers.

But also prove to be harmful to the product. Non-organic packaging can also affect the shelf life of the product.

How does color affect our packaging?

Color affects our psychology in any way possible. And designers are taking advantage of it. For example, you must have noticed that soothing and aesthetic colors often get used for skincare products. But what colors should we use for our nail polish boxes?

Nail polish is a product that allows us to be creative. Every brand has its own set of choices for this particular product. Some tend to use textural or printed packaging, while others use prime color for the box. Some brands prefer to use black matte boxes for nail polish. It all depends on our targeted audience and our creativity.

Importance of logo on the box:

Cosmetic products are perpetually purchased by customers when the packaging looks promising enough. However, you must have noticed that it is so rare that we do not buy just any product for our skin. Instead, we tend to purchase items we feel confident with.

Then why is there so much competition in the cosmetic industry? How and why are new brands getting recognition?

Nail polish box packaging these days plays the most crucial part of any business. If the packaging seems professional and elegant, customers do trust the new brand. And end up buying the item instantly.

But to build a trusting relationship with our customers, we must own a professional brand logo. And must carve it in our packaging box.

Importance of slogan on the box:

The logo is the brand identity and can sell the item right away if it’s visually alluring. However, you must have noticed that while examining some products, we often ignore some and end up buying a random product from the shelf. Why do we do this? Why do we purchase an item when we haven’t used it before?

Product packaging and branding are playing a crucial role in today’s market. People have unique ideas to represent their products. And that discreet packaging never fails in attracting the passer-by. But no matter how professional your box is, it won’t go anywhere if you do not print the logo on it.

While buying a new item, we always examine the brand it belongs to. And the appearance of the logo also plays a crucial role. That is why many brands pay hundreds of dollars to get themselves a unique, elegant, simple, and professional trademark.

Besides the trademark, do not forget to imprint the slogan onto your nail polish boxes wholesale. The short line has proved to be effective for marketing and to increase sales.

Typography and its factors:

When we talk about branding, many people think that we are only talking about logos and slogans. But besides these factors, there are so many other things involved in branding.

Typography is often ignored and weighs to be the least important factor. But in reality, if we mess up the typography, we could ruin the whole theme of the box. For instance, you must have noticed that many product packaging does not have any design. Instead, it’s just a solid color, and the slogan gets printed in the middle of the box. And all of that appears elegant and professional.

Now, the respective box looks elegant because the font that got used was also carefully chosen. Now, imagine a product that requires us to write lots of info on the box. How could we print all the information? Now, an amateur designer could undoubtedly mess it up. But a pro designer would play with fonts and their size until they get the right one.

During studying the design theory, the typography section often takes up more time and requires more practice. Now, use the right nail polish Boxes and customize them professionally to increase brand recognition.

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