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6 best team building activities

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Team building activities promote group strength and avoid internal competition. It builds teamwork and encourages members  to embrace each other’s flaws and work accordingly. Team building also improves communication between the members and creates a cohesive and happier environment.

  • Human knot

In this activity members are said to form a circle and are tied with a single rope, they have to communicate and work their way to un-tie themselves. This encourages the team to find better and effective ways to solve a problem and get the desired result in a specific period of time. It helps them to understand how even in a little time they can work together as a whole and achieve results rather than doing it all individually.There are absolutely no tools required for this activity and it is very interesting. 

  • Treasure hunt

A very fun, cooperative yet mindful activity to play. Treasure hunt cultivates skills like problem solving and teamwork. Each player/ team receives identical riddles and maps. Each team has to communicate and think of the solution to the puzzles. The team that finishes the puzzle earliest wins. Treasure hunting is a great way for members to think analytically. All you are required to have is a map of the place where the activity is being conducted and maybe a treasure (gifts) for the winning team.  

  • Jigsaw puzzle

All you need is some jigsaw puzzles (preferably 200+ pieces) , sitting together to play and solve builds great teamwork and communication amongst the team. It not just helps to build deeper connections and one gets more empathetic towards it’s team mates rather than finding them a competition, they work together on the same thing to get the result earliest and in the most effective way. However, for ensuring the most effective set of team building activities you can get in touch with Odyssey Teams

  • Blindfold challenge

In this activity one member of the team gets blindfolded and is assigned to do a task. For example they might have to put balls in a container blindfoldedly. The other team members have to communicate and guide that team member and tell them the routes they are required to complete the given task. It generates patience and a sense of responsibility which is divided equally into the entire team.


  • Shark tank

Similar to an infamous TV show, shark tank, the teams are required to prepare a pitch. All the members are required to prepare a pitch beforehand. They are free to use presentations, models, diagrams and even stick figures to express their ideas. It is totally up to the creativity of the person on how they want to present. This activity not just brings great ideas but is also very professional, communicative and requires skills like creativity, active listening and strategic thinking. Further the ideas and outcomes might develop into actual products. The entire activity is filled with outrageous ideas and laughter which builds deeper bonds within the team.

  • Board games

You can’t really go wrong with board games. Sitting together with your team and enjoying some of their favourite board games develops a sense of connectivity and compassion towards the team. It brings out room for discussion and increases the quality of work as the members feel more content while working with a team they have a bond with.


These are some of the best team building activities which brings out the most out of every person. It is an excellent way to work together effectively. Team building activities should happen oftenly at a workplace. Team leaders play an important role in it, they should initiate such activities and conversation to create a cohesive atmosphere at the workplace.  

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