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5 Tips to Store Your Vape E Liquid Wisely

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By now, you probably already know that vaping is considered healthier, safer, and even cheaper than cigarette smoking.

The main reason vaping is marketed as the healthier option is that the vaping process doesn’t involve combustion. Therefore, there’s no smoke production, which means that a vaper inhales far fewer toxins than a smoker. Remember, cigarette smoke contains thousands of chemicals, including at least 70 directly linked to increased cancer risks. Also, E Cig Juice is one of the great options that make your mood exciting.

In terms of safety, vaporizers present lower risks of fires compared to cigarettes. Again, this has a lot to do with the fact that vape devices don’t operate via combustion. Provided that you exercise due diligence while charging your vape batteries and storing your e-cig, there’s virtually no risk of fires.THC pen is very safe.

Lastly, vaping is more affordable than cigarette smoking in the sense that you’re less likely to get hospitalized from a vaping-related condition. 

That said, the price of standard vape devices and e-juices is way higher than that of regular cigarette rolls. Therefore, it’s important to store your vaporizer and e-juice properly to prevent damage or degradation. 

This post highlights why and how to store your vape juice wisely.

Why Store Vape Juices Properly?

  • Minimize Wastage

Vape juices don’t come cheap. Some e-juices can cost as much as $50 per 30 ml bottle, depending on the specific ingredients in the product and the brand selling it. 

For instance, retailers offering vaporesso coil collection may set their prices a little higher than those dealing in nicotine-based e-liquids, and understandably so. CBD, which is short for cannabidiol, is a cannabis-derived product noted for its powerful healing properties. 

Vaping CBD-infused e-juices may provide relief from pain, seizures, anxiety, inflammation, insomnia, and many other health issues. With such a long list of health benefits, it makes sense why CBD-based vape oils come with a little higher price tag. 

But as a consumer, you care about getting value for your money. One way to do that is store your vape oils safely to prevent accidental spills.    

  • Enhance Longevity

Another reason you should store your vape juice properly is to prevent degradation and ensure these products last longer. 

The best way to enhance the shelf life of your e-juice is to understand the specific environmental factors that escalate its degradation. These elements include heat, light, and air. 

Heat and light (particularly ultraviolet (UV) rays) can warm up your vape juice and cause the individual ingredients in the product to disintegrate at a molecular level. That disintegration affects the taste and flavor of your e-juice. Worse yet, it can make the product go rancid and become potentially toxic to inhale. 

Air causes e-juice degradation by oxidizing the liquid’s individual components. The process is just as harmful as the action of light and heat on vape juices.

  • Minimize Dangerous Accidents

It’s also advisable to properly store vape juices to prevent kids and pets from contacting these products.

 E-juices may be healthy to vape. However, ingesting certain vape juice ingredients, such as nicotine and propylene glycol (PG), could prove disastrous for your children and furry friends. 

Nicotine has particularly been cited for its adverse effects on pets. The chemical can trigger nicotine poisoning if ingested. 

Nicotine toxicity presents a range of symptoms, such as nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, seizures, drooling, hyperactivity, labored breathing, and constricted pupils.

How to Store Vape Juices Properly

  • Store in a Cool, Dry, and Dark Place

We’ve already mentioned the three environmental factors that escalate vape juice degradation. You should keep those factors in mind if you’re looking to enhance the shelf life of your e-juice. 

Choose a cool and dry place, preferably a store room or other spaces unaffected by significant humidity or temperature fluctuations. 

The storage space should also be dark to prevent damage from UV light. Dark bottles would suffice here.

  • Store in Glass Bottles

Most vape juices come in plastic bottles. However, plastic can interact with the molecules of certain e-juice ingredients. 

That explains why experts recommend transferring the liquid into glass. Glass is inert and is excellent at preserving e-juice the flavor and quality.

  • Store Away From Common Household Products

It’s easy to confuse your vape juice bottle with a bottle of activated charcoal or vinegar. That’s especially if the label has worn off. 

Due to this confusion, you could accidentally add the e-juice to your regular cooking ingredients and the consequences may be too grim to imagine. Therefore, never mix your vape oils with your regular household products.

  • Store Away From Children and Pets

Kids can be very curious. Your little ones may stumble on an e-juice bottle and think it’s some kind of syrup. As we’ve repeatedly mentioned, the consequences of ingesting vape juice may be devastating. 

Pets are also inherently curious. In the process of checking out your e-juice bottle, they may end up spilling the contents, setting you back some dollars.

  • Remember the Expiration Date

It doesn’t matter what measures you take in storing your e-juice properly. It’s still important to monitor the expiration date. 

E-juices become rancid and toxic when they expire. Their flavors also change significantly. 

An easier way around this is to purchase vape oils you can finish in a few vaping sessions. 

Final Word

Proper e-juice storage can prolong the product’s shelf life and allow you to get maximum value for your money. It also prevents your children or pets from contacting the liquid and possibly ingesting it, which could trigger severe side effects.

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