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5 Tips for buying cheap products from 1688

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Dropshipping has become a leading trend in the eCommerce sector. There are so many B2B and B2C stores available online that support dropshipping. Today, the hot trending online eCommerce store is ‘1688.com’. Every other dropshipper is curious to learn more about it. Are you new to this platform or have you ordered anything before from this store? If this is your first go, then feel lucky, because you will make an informed inventory purchase. This blog presents 5 tips to try while purchasing low-cost items from 1688.

Making bulky purchases from 1688

When you head towards the platform for the first time, you have made up your mind that this can be your last destination. You think of buying everything you need from this platform. So, you may need to search for different suppliers. Let’s explore how to proceed safely and buy the right quality product at low prices. Here are a few tips to consider.

  1. Avoid buying the cheapest products.

If you will be dropshipping at amazon after buying from 1688, then you should be cautious about product quality. For the same product, you will receive multiple price quotes. You may be tempted to select the cheapest quotes for high profit but it leads to serious consequences. There are increased chances that you get low-quality items.

  1. Threshold evaluation

You searched for a supplier and decided to buy the products it offers. Now, prior to placing the order, you need to explore the wholesale policies and threshold. It is because the supplier may have defined available quantity and minimum buy quantity. When you buy less or more than the minimum available stock, your order is canceled automatically and you may require to again place the order.

  1. TrustPass Supplier should be preferred

There are thousands of suppliers registered on 1688, and you have to choose one that is verified. Many of them will be scam sellers, so to stay on the safe side, choose suppliers with a ‘TrustPass’ badge in the profile. It is because you can trust them as they are reliable and sell quality products. Moreover, they may offer you a better return policy.

  1. Suppliers comparison is helpful.

It is not wise to directly place an order on finding a good supplier with a trust badge and affordable threshold. You should not hurriedly go through the process, rather be patient. Continue the research and find other suppliers as well. Now, compare all the suppliers in the list and see which one offers the best deal. You will feel good when a better supplier will appear to you in the next search.

  1. Export Licence

None of the 1688 suppliers have an export license. So, after fulfilling all other requirements, you still have to make the final shot. Finding a professional agent to manage export license matters will be perfect. You should search for a reliable sourcing company like JUSTCHINAIT to save time and cost.

Take Away!

Dropshipping is profitable if you crack the best deal – low prices and high quality. You should consider 1688.com but with the help of sourcing companies. If you are in need of more assistance, drop a comment.

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