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How To Boost Website’s Search Result Ranking

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How To Boost Website’s Search Result Ranking

Ranking well on leading search engines has to be the highest priority if the intent is higher traffic and more leads. You must know that the first web page encounters 67.6% of clicks. Clearly, if your site is not on the first page, then, no one can find you. And the consequences are known to you- one-third of the organic traffic cannot be into your pocket. All this demands you to implement the strategies and make the right efforts to boost SEO. On the contrary, for your business website found easily online, hiring an experienced digital marketing agency is an ideal option. With an array of services and skilled developers, there will be brand awareness and quality leads.  Other than that, keep on reading to find the tactic to boost the website traffic. 

Tips to Improve Website Ranking 

Examine Website Loading Speed

If you are ignoring this factor then you have the wrong perspective. Do you know if the site is loading at a low rate, then, Google will find it out and hurt the search result ranking?  From the research, it is clear that 40% of the users abandon the site when there are more than 3 seconds in website loading time. And believingly, 80% of them do not prefer to revisit. Certainly, it is harmful to SEO ranking and will degrade site traffic. 

(Source: https://www.vpnmentor.com/blog/vital-internet-trends/)

On the other hand, when the site is loading within 3 seconds, then users will like to stay and visit the site. There are many tried and tested techniques that can be followed to increase the website speed, such as, choosing the right hosting solution, restricting redirects, minifying HTML, JS, and CSS, etc. Positively, the Google Algorithm will identify the popularity and however, higher the site ranking. Therefore, it is vital to optimizing the server response time and website speed.

Search Intent Optimization

The other factor to consider is the search intent- it is one of the catchy phrases when it comes to SEO.  Because of RankBrain and BERT, it becomes easy for the leading search engines, such as Google to know if the website fits appropriately in a particular keyword or not.  Believingly, Google’s ongoing success largely relies on it.  Below, we have mentioned the four such search intents:

  • Navigational; the search basically meant for a specific site.
  • Commercial; the search of the feedback or reviews that makes it easy for the users to make the buying decision.
  • Informational; to understand the ideas or to gain knowledge.
  • Transactional; to know the best platform to purchase.

Now comes the point on how to carry out the search intent optimization.  For that, examine the SERPs for keywords that you would like to rank higher. In case, the web pages are not aligned with the best results, then, it is impossible to rank well. That is to say when Google has chosen the search intent as informational; but the website is transactional then, the page cannot rank well. Now, you are left with two options:

  • Make amendments to the page to fit the user intent. 
  • Or, make a new web page for the same.

Create Quality Content

Updating the content on a regular basis is vital, underestimating can impact SEO ranking. The website content has to be relevant, updated, current, and of good quality.  If you are fulfilling all these aspects, then, there will be visitors spending more time on the web pages.  This results in higher dwell time. There are many factors to keep in mind while creating the best content for the website.  

  • The first of them is image and picture optimization. They are highly essential for search result ranking.  Here, what we meant are the file size and file format.  If the site has large images, then, the site ranking can get harmed. Therefore, it is advisable to compress or resize them. 
  • Secondly, work on the headings- they have to be easy and understandable. The best part of keeping the heading user-oriented is that they give a  crux of the body and make it worthwhile. Do not use much of the text, it can frustrate the user. 
  • Another one is blogging, highly beneficial for search engine ranking. With the appropriate, updated, and fresh content, you can engage visitors and ensure their presence on the page for more time.
  • You must leverage social media and post content that gives value to users. Accordingly, the chances of their sharing are higher and hence improve the site visibility. It makes sense to invest in social media marketing to generate leads and grow business.

Right Usage of Keywords

Keywords are also one of the essential tactics to higher the search engine ranking. Integrating the words that the users are searching for in the content will amplify their experience. However, do not overuse them, google will recognize them and give a negative influence on ranking.  They must be filled in naturally in the overall content. Also, use LSIGraph to include the keywords that confirm to search engines that the content is related to the topic only. 

  • You must use the keywords in the headers and also in the captions of the images. 
  • The long-tail keywords (of three to four words) can be used to be discovered in the search.  
  • The titles should not be more than 65 characters.
  • Optimize the meta-descriptions- they need to be descriptive, unique,  and yes, short also of 160 characters to the maximum.

Get high-authority backlinks

Are you sure just posting the content is enough to get traffic? No, it is not! There is a necessity to have backlinks from different websites. Considerably, there are hundreds of link-building methods to be implemented. Below are some of them:

  • Build engaging content: Post the linkable content which is created particularly for more backlinks from new websites and blogs.
  • Go with the trends: When you are able to link your company research to some story, then, the publishers are likely to use your data with an authoritative link to it. 
  • Examine the user-oriented content: With the user-specific content, you can convey the story and generate more links to the site. If from the internal data, public data, or actual survey, generate the content and share it with the publishers. 
  • Guest posts: By sharing the content to a different website of the same niche, the links of the post will higher the ranking. 

Also, to get more opportunities, leverage the Backlinks Analytics Tool to know the competitor’s backlinks. 

Website mobile-friendliness is important

All are aware of the fact that mobile usage is at its peak now. Undoubtedly, mobile devices have clarified almost 60% of the searches. Yes, Google has acknowledged it and takes it as an important factor for ranking. So, if your site is not optimized for mobile, then, you can lose higher traffic. Also, building a mobile application can boost search result ranking. With a one-time investment, future success is confirmed.  You must know the fact that Google is indexing the mobile applications using Firebase App Indexing on the Google search.  

When the users will search the keywords matched to your business site, your mobile app will pop up. Henceforth, making it a useful resource.

Keep an eye on the metrics using Google Analytics

After following the above strategies, you will start experiencing changes in the site ranking. But, it is, however, vital to know how the improvement is and which metrics require more attention. Google Analytics is here to help you with this. It will let you check out:

  • bounce rate
  • search traffic
  • traffic source
  • social reach
  • channel conversions 
  • location
  • website speed

Remember there are no particular bad or good benchmarks. Giving more attention to them ensures understanding of the shortcomings and the strengths of social media marketing and content strategies. Consequently, you can work on improving weak areas. 

Concluding Remarks

Thinking of getting overnight rankings to your website is not possible. It is an ongoing process and takes time. Making the right changes at the right time ensures lasting results. Check out the checklist we have mentioned in this write-up, implement them and get ranking to your site. 

Are you following other tactics than these? Have we missed any? Share your ideas with us!

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