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4 Creative Employee Benefits for a Happy, Productive Workplace 

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Your employees are your most valuable assets. They’re the ones who create, market and sell products that turn profits for your company. So, it makes sense that you’d want to keep them happy and healthy—and there’s no better way to do that than by offering a suite of employee benefits. So, here are 4 creative benefits for a better workplace!

Fun office perks

Who doesn’t want to work in a fun office with Pilates balls and desk toys around? Employees who are happy and healthy will be more productive, so make sure you’re providing them with rewards that help them relax and stay active. You can do this by offering things like:

• A place to eat lunch or take breaks outside of the office (such as on a rooftop deck)

• Happy hour or office parties regularly 

• Fun decoration around the office

Invest in employee praise software

Employee praise software can help improve employee engagement and retention, performance, satisfaction, productivity and morale.

Employee praise tools are a wonderful way to recognize your team members for their achievements. They also show employees that they’re valued by the company in a tangible way–which has been shown to boost happiness at work by up to 50%. You can send customized recognitions that align with your company culture and rewards such as gift cards. They are easy to use, affordable and customizable for any industry or business. If you’re looking for a way to make your employees happier and more productive, consider group income protection insurance into your company culture.

Wellness benefits

Wellness benefits are great to help your employees stay healthy and productive and they can reduce healthcare costs, improve employee morale, and prevent medical emergencies.

Here are some examples of wellness programs:

• Health fairs where employees get free blood pressure screenings or other health screenings. These events can also include educational seminars on how to live healthier lives at home or at work.

• A gym membership reimbursement program where the company pays part or all of an employee’s monthly membership fees –this encourages workers who might otherwise skip their gym visits because they’re too expensive on their own budgets! Some companies even offer discounts on fitness classes if you attend regularly enough; this gives employees another incentive not only because it saves them money but also because they’ll get more out of these activities since they know what kind of exercises suit each person best based on their body type/alignment issues.

Employee recognition

When you think about employee benefits, recognition may not be the first thing that springs to mind. But it should be! Recognition is a powerful motivator that can help keep your employees engaged and productive–and it doesn’t cost much at all. In fact, there are many ways to give recognition without spending any money:

• Recognize good work in public forums. If someone does something well, let everyone know about it! If someone completes a project early or goes above and beyond expectations during their shift, let them speak at an all-hands meeting or write up a blog post highlighting their accomplishments.

• Make time for individual praise when possible. If an employee does something amazing but doesn’t get noticed by others right away -or ever- it might feel like no one cares about their work at all. So, make sure everyone gets some face time with managers or supervisors who can recognize them personally for doing remarkable things on behalf of the company as well as themselves

 In the end, it’s important to remember that your employees are the most valuable asset you have. They deserve to be treated well and taken care of, so invest in these 4 benefits if possible!

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