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10 Deadly Assignment Mistakes That Can Drop Your Grades

by Rajdeep Basu

Scoring good grades in your assignments is an art. You cannot simply fill out your assignment papers with vague arguments and unnecessary information to complete the word count and expect it to fetch you A+ grades. The process of scoring good grades in your assignments requires consistency, hard work, and more than anything clarity of the does and don’ts of assignment writing. These things don’t create a huge difference before you enter your professional degree. Where you are expected to write flawless assignments that include all the asked logic, statistics, and details. But, it is a fact that a good number of students struggle to captivate on their prior writing expertise and end up submitting sub-standard and flawed assignment work. However, if you are stuck in a situation like this ask us to Do My Assignment and wait for the magic to happen.

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This is the time you sit back and revisit your writing capabilities. You can consider this blog as a reality check for all the potential mistakes and possible improvements for your assignment writing. This blog if implemented properly will prove to be the perfect end to all your academic writing problems. Because in this blog post, we will list down the most common 10 deadly assignment mistakes that prove lethal for the students and play their role in dropping major grades for them. 

  • Not Completely Understanding the Requirements 

Unless and until you don’t read your assignment question or problem statement properly, you cannot completely understand the requirements for your assignment. This can lead you to deviate from the right path and transform your assignment into something irrelevant and unnecessary. Boosted by their teachers’ encouraging remarks and their good grades, some students draw false assumptions about their confidence and capabilities. The result is these students take on their college assignments just by looking at the first few words in their assignment topic and not reading the complete question statement. 

  • Irregular Assignment Structure 

Following proper assignment, the structure is one of the best ways to convince your readers that your assignment is worth reading and high grades. You can do this by dividing your assignment into proper paragraphs and following the right structure as per your teacher’s guidelines. Failing to follow a proper structure has two major drawbacks. Firstly, it gives off a bad impression that you don’t pay attention to the provided details. Secondly, it fails your content’s efforts to grab the reader’s attention and in that way, all your valuable efforts go in vain. So, if you think you are in a relatable situation then pay someone to do my assignment UK and get away with it in a poof!

  • Not Following the Proper Word Count 

When your teacher assigns you an assignment work, the word count is properly determined and assigned. The students are supposed to stick by the given word count and restrict all their efforts within the allowed breadth and length of the assignments. What a lot of students do instead is either exceed the given word limit as they get carried away by their subject knowledge. Or they fall short on delivering the word count for equally opposite reasons. In either case, it does not give a great impression on the teacher. Also, it never means that you should put down the pun the moment you reach the prescribed word count. No, you can finish your point may it takes a fifty or hundred more words. You won’t lose marks for that. 

  • Poor Grammar and Spelling

Having good grammar and English language expertise is among the foremost prerequisites for writing a high-scoring academic assignment. You cannot be at college/university, looking to score your dream assignment grades and making grammar and spelling mistakes at the same time. When students don’t pay enough attention to their writing skills and commit grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes, they terribly affect the quality of their work which later on converts to their sessional marks. Nowadays, you can take the help of software like Grammarly to improve your grammar and spelling and submit an assignment work that is free from all types of such errors. 

  • Improper Referencing & Citation Work 

Since college assignments ask for a good amount of research, you cannot ace an academic assignment without proper referencing and citation work. By proper referencing and citation, we mean the style and format of it provided by your subject teacher within your assignment guidelines. There are various referencing styles like MLA, APA, Harvard, and IEEE that can be asked to be followed by your teacher and you will have to strictly abide by them. Also, if you are new to academic writing, following the proper way to do in-text citations could also be a major challenge for you. Seeing relevant assignment papers and seeking help from Google can help you through it. 

  • Not Enough Proofreading 

Most students procrastinate their college assignments until the last day and the result of this is that they don’t find enough time to proofread what they have written and correct possible mistakes. In other cases, despite completing the assignments on time, students don’t bother to proofread their work and don’t wait much before submitting it. The result of skipping the proofreading steps often leads them to embarrassment in front of their class and even failure in some cases. Therefore, it is recommended to spend ample time proofreading your work before submission so that you are 100% sure that no errors are left unchecked in your work. 

  • Extraneous Information

Being relevant and to the point in your assignment is one of the biggest unsaid rules at college. You cannot just fill up your assignment with fancy quotes and fluffy content and expect it to bring praise to you. That is not how it works at college. At this senior level, you have to stick to the specific line about your topic and avoid including unnecessary and irrelevant information. If your teacher gets an impression that you are deviating from the topic, your assignment could easily be marked down despite all the quality of work-induced by you. 

  • Improper Generalizations and Assumptions

Students are always advised to stay relevant and talk about only whatever they are 100% sure about in their assignment. The point here is that you can write around speculations and assumptions when you are working at a professional level. As your assignment work is expected to exhibit a certain level of confidence and credibility, students are never encouraged to make inaccurate generalizations and write void explanations. In short, if you are writing your college assignment, your focus should be on providing the most accurate and to-the-point information rather than beating about the bushes. 

  • Improper Tone and Style of Writing 

Nine out of ten times when you are writing a college assignment, your target audience is your teachers and professors. It is hence always recommended to use proper tone, vocabulary, and style while writing your assignment. Using too simple language or writing fluffy content can both lead you to lose your precious marks. Instead, you should try to keep things always professional and as per the guidelines/instructions provided. 

  • Plagiarism Issues

Plagiarism is one of the most critical mistakes one can make in assignment writing. While most colleges/universities settle with penalties and negative scores for the plagiarized assignments, some even go to the extent of failing the students. No matter how close is the deadline or how difficult is the assignment topic, you are never supposed to compromise on the originality of your content. Instead, if you can’t create a unique assignment yourself, you can ask assignment writers to do it on your behalf. 

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