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Windows 8 Ends Soon, Microsoft To Send Warning – The new computer is a smart choice!

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The end of the lifecycle for Microsoft Office next operating system is fast approaching.

Windows 8.1 will soon reach its end-of-life status.

Users will be notified by the manufacturer via their computers.

If you are still running Windows 8.1, be ready for corresponding notifications to start appearing on your screen in July.

The user is then informed that Microsoft’s official support for the operating systems will be ending on January 10, 2023 and that the product is essentially at its end.

Microsoft has announced that the notification will include several options. Users can choose not to be harassed until the EOL date. You can also choose to receive a reminder every few days. The company offers additional information about EOL status and the opportunities that it provides.

The new computer is a smart choice

This is important to users planning. Microsoft stresses that Windows 8.1 does not offer a free upgrade path to Windows 10 or Windows 11. You will need to purchase a new license. Microsoft says it is better to buy a new computer than to upgrade to Windows 8.1. This is because Windows 8.1 computers were built with technology that has been around for at least ten year. You should stop using the computer after January 10, as there will no longer be any security patches.

Microsoft released Windows 8 on October 17, 2013. This was an attempt at fixing various bugs that were evident with Windows 8 and preventing users from being excited about the new operating systems. The improvements made here were only temporary and the product generation was never able to capture greater market share.


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