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Why is retail ergonomics so important? A reality check

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Why is retail ergonomics so important? A reality check

Retail ergonomics is important because it keeps your workforce fit and productive; increases your profitability; and ensures customer loyalty.

To understand retail ergonomics, it’s important that we consider the retail segment as an inseparable part of our economy. Although the online shopping frenzy has had an impact on retail outlets, their relevance can’t be undermined. Traditionalists still prefer a retail outlet over an online store, and the retail segment generates huge employment. Giant retail chains and even their smaller counterparts emphasise a lot on the safety of their workforce. Those who turn a blind eye towards retail ergonomics pay a hefty price in the form of workplace injuries such as fractures, spinal tension, neck pain, backaches, and a lot more. It can seriously dent their survival and productivity.

What is retail ergonomics?

Retail ergonomics can be defined as the implementation of safety protocols to keep the employees safe and sound. Retail outlets that focus on ergonomics achieve their sales targets with absolute ease. Moreover, retail ergonomics also helps in building customer loyalty.

Here are some examples of retail ergonomics and their benefits

Handling of merchandise

A prime area of concern, handling of merchandise entails stacking of shelves, move in cramped spaces, and bend while lifting and carrying items and equipment. Well, this makes merchandise handlers highly vulnerable to slips and falls. They often fall prey to fractures and serious muscle injuries. However, retail ergonomics can come as a saviour here in the form of merchandise lifting solutions. Retailers will benefit immensely by taking cognizance of retail ergonomics in merchandise handling.

Wheeled carts, shelves, and pedestals

Retail ergonomics can be improved by investing in wheeled carts and shelves that enable safe and secure movement of merchandise. As an added bonus, ergonomic furniture companies have now come-up with wheeled pedestals that can be used for seating, storage, and movement. 

Sit stand desks

The top choice of ergonomic experts,standing desks and sit stand desks are designed to be height-adjustable. They can accommodate people of all shapes, sizes, and stature. Sit stand desks help in posture improvement and easing of neck tension. Sit stand desks can be ideal components of retail ergonomics as they can be placed in areas where people spend most of the time in sedentary working. 

Ergonomic stools

Ergonomic stools are becoming very popular because they allow people to stretch, relax, and unwind at the workplace. Ergonomic stools have a strong base and allow a deep perch. They strengthen the back and core muscles. Ergonomic stools can be ideal components of retail ergonomics.

Ergonomic desk converters

Ergonomic corner desk converters are raisable platforms that can be elevated to the most posture-friendly heights. They can be placed on table-tops and used in those areas of retail outlets where people spend most of the time in a sedentary mode. Retail ergonomics can benefit to a great extent by ergonomic desk converters.  

Ergonomic chairs

Ergonomic chairs are iconic of retail ergonomics because they facilitate comfortable seating. Ergonomic chairs consist of a backrest, a headrest, armrests, and five wheels. These features and mechanisms play a big role in improving posture, healing backaches, and reducing wrist tension. Ergonomic chairs are very pleasing on the eye and add sophistication and elegance to a retail outlet. They can raise the retail ergonomics bar quite handsomely.

Ergonomic footrests

Ergonomic footrests are designed to cure foot fatigue, soreness, and swelling. You just need to rest your feet on them for some time and see the quick results. Ergonomic footrests are ideally used alongside sit stand desks but they can be placed at designated areas in retail outlets. Ergonomic footrests are essential in retail ergonomics because they improve work-productivity.

Ergonomic monitor arms

Ergonomic monitor arms allow the end-users to position the computer screens at a safe and medically prescribed distance from the eyes. They facilitate improved vision and better posture, and must be included in retail ergonomics.


Retail ergonomics should never be ignored, and if you do so, you’ll soon see a plummet in productivity and prosperity. You should adopt retail ergonomics for the sake of your employees and your customers. Well, aren’t they the ones on whom your retail outlet hinges?    

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