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Why do Project Managers get PMP Certification?

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The PMP is an acronym used for the project management professional. This certification is brought to you by the PMI Institute or the Project Management Institute this certification validates your skills as project manager. Nowadays, most of the individuals are seeking for the project management certification in order to validate their skills and expertise. And at the same time, the organizations are also in a way looking for project managers presenting the project management professional certification. Even in some of the organizations the PMP certification has been made and obligatory requirement for job posts.

Eligibility criteria for the PMP Certification

The eligibility criteria for the PMP certification are as follows:

  1. 4-year bachelor degree;
  2. 4500 hours of experience leading and directing projects;
  3. 35 hours of PMP Certification training


1.A High school diploma;

2.7500 hours of experience

You have the options to choose either from the PMP Boot camps or PMP online classes, as per your convenience, in order to get a Certification.

Importance of Project Management Certification

There is immense importance of project management certification out of which a few are listed. It gives a boost to your career growth in project management as in the role of a project manager. It gives you an amazing recognition amongst your fellow other project managers. If you have such a certification that are high chances that there will be a raise in your pay scale. It makes you very versatile to implement various kinds of projects in different parts of the world hence you get a world-wide recognition. You will be able to efficiently workout on different kinds of projects and become successful in every way. In addition, you will get to know about the various practices tools and techniques as compared to your other fellow project managers and this will have a very good impression in your CV. Above all you will be an asset to your organization or business company and the person on which the boss can rely on without a second thought.

Is there a chance for hike in salary?

This is a very common question that most people ask whether there will be a hike in In salary of the individual who possesses are project management professional certificate. According to various surveys, it is revealed that their high chances of a hike in salary. It even states that the person’s possessing the project management professional certificate get as much as 20% more salary as compared to those who do not preserve it in the same firm or business organization. Therefore,  Sprintzeal it also helps you to have a robust economy of your own and helps you for better financial stability.

Is the PMP valuable for an Organization

It is well known that many individuals are seeking for the PMP certification for their personal benefits; but at this same time let us not forget that the organizations also demand for the PMP certification. It is so because this adds to the value of the organization. Every organization requires potent and versatile project managers. If an organization has a greater number of PMP certified project managers, it can deal in a better way with its customer and enhance its goodwill. In addition to that, since the PMP certified managers are more important than having ability to contact and converse with various other people from all around the world their high chances that you can be a successful organization in the whole world as well. Moreover, there is a higher raise in the satisfaction on the part of the customers as it boosts their confidence on your organization or company. This is the main reason why the organizations are also seeking for PMP certified professionals.


With so much benefits mentioned above, both on the part of finance as well as skills it is now clear that why most of the individuals are enrolling for this certification. However, this certification requires a great amount of dedication and determination and a good amount of hard work. So, if you are interested for the same you should start preparing from now with good resources.

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