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When Should An Administrator Establish A Network Baseline – How you can baseline a network?

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Are you aware your standard network throughput volume and many kinds of traffic utilized in your network? For those who have no details about the above mentioned questions then you need to require baseline your network. The network baseline is among the most helpful tools for monitoring and troubleshooting network performance.

For that effective network baseline performance record is needed with time. Calculating performance at different occasions and loads can help in developing a better picture of overall network performance


How you can baseline a network

To baseline a network, you have to monitor the network traffic for any lengthy time, just because a wider time presents a far more realistic picture of the traffic pattern.  We are able to make use of the network baseline as the following:


  • Evaluate network management policies agreement.
  • Understand network pattern and traffic trends.
  • Speed up troubleshooting network problems.
  • Understand network sources allocation.
  • Provide network up-gradation history statistics.
  • ProVide data for decision-making and for network and security management.


To baseline a network, network managers need software Colasoft nChronos and Capsa to baseline their systems. Both software programs are used to hear packet data of wire and generate all sorts of a study around the network. Further, the network administrator can copies, past and save the outcomes from your performed ping, trace and other associated instructions right into a text file with starting time and date.

Then, the network administrator may use these text files to check along with other results, error messages and also the response occasions from location of host. If there’s an enormous rise in response occasions, there might be a latency issue to deal with. The figures below illustrate caused by the ping command for the similar Ip with various timings and also the comparison of both.

The output caused by network instructions can provide data towards the network baseline. Commercial systems must have prevalent baselines. Professional-grade software programs can also be found for storing and looking after baseline information.

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