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What You Should & Should Not Do at a Funeral?

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Worried about following the right funeral etiquette when you attend one of these vents? Particularly, if you are attending a funeral for the first time, you might not be sure about what to do and what not at the event. After the demise of a person, it’s natural to hire one of the reputed funeral director Penrith to do the needful. However, when it comes to coping up with grief and emotion, it might be a tough time. In this post, we have briefed out the funeral etiquettes in general, that would help you handle grief.

Things you should do at a funeral

  1. Conservative dressing

Make sure to dress properly at a funeral. Don’t wear anything that might look distracting or glamourous. This would be a disrespectful way to draw attention to yourself. Traditionally, people wear black and modest colours. While most people used to wear black in Western cultures, other colours are also becoming common. In general, avoid wearing bright colours at a funeral. Remember to iron and clean the suit before attending the event.

  1. Maintain timeliness

Regardless of the event, it’s recommended to maintain the timeliness. This particularly holds true in case of a funeral. Attending the event late might disrupt the flow of events. This would ultimately lead to delays, and the mourners would be unnecessarily stressed. In case you face delays on the roads, be considerate of other people when you enter.

  1. Act normal

When you find someone mourning the loss of a family member, it’s not always easy to find the right words to console the person. At the same time, the latter might already be tired of hearing similar words from everyone. So, you should try and act normal, trying not to fix the loss with your words.

Rather, you must try to do little things like greeting well-wishers, or providing them with a glass of water. You might also send them relevant messages in advance.

Back in your mind, you might also be mourning. It’s normal to be overwhelmed with sadness even if you were not too close to the person who passed away. Be respectful while grieving, and have someone to support you if required.

Things you shouldn’t do at a funeral

  1. Don’t sit in the front row

As a thumb rule, the family members of the deceased and the closest people take the front rows at the funeral. However, there’s no specific side to sit on, unlike wedding ceremonies. Try to occupy a back or middle seat, and do not switch seats too often. In case you turn out to be inconsolable, spend some time outside so that you can settle down.

  1. Don’t use your phone

Well, using your mobile phone might be a necessity. However, considering the standard funeral etiquette, you need to refrain from using your phone for a few hours. If possible, switch it off or put it on the silent mode. In a nutshell, try to avoid using your phone.

The family of the deceased might have hired professionals for funeral services Sydney to organize the event with ease. With their services around, it would be easy to carry out the formalities properly.

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