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Selecting a wheel for your Tesla can be a complicated process. Luckily, Blaque Diamond Wheels have made this simple with its unique combination of style and performance. Often, the wheel and modification can change the overall appearance and performance of your car. That is why, we have produced a series of options from Blaque Diamond Wheels that will not only fit your specific application but will also give your car, a complete makeover (you get the best of both worlds!) These wheels have multiple models to choose from depending on your taste and performance requirement. 

Let us take your Tesla to the next level of performance and style with these whizzing wheels that add a little more to your car –  

What makes Blaque Diamond Wheels unique?

Apart from multiple series and range, Blaque Diamond Wheels have introduced a second wheel in the flow-forged line up under the name – BD-F series. It has unique features that support performance and add aesthetic value to your car. It offers-   

  1. Custom size, color, and finish 

Blaque Diamond Wheels are available in the size range of 20×9, 20×10.5, 22×9, and 22×10.5 with bespoke fitment and finish. Also, if you want to personalize your ride, you can do that too! Choose from different custom colors and finishes to add a delicate touch to your car.

  1. Availability and fit 

The fit of the wheels determines the look and performance of the car, and this is where Blaque Diamond Wheels’ depth of concavity helps. It makes it available for most models of Tesla cars so that you do not have to buy a particular car model to have these wheels! It is available at ease for a wide range of Tesla users!

Blaque Diamond Wheels series- 

AC Forged wheels –

AC forged wheels are the next generation Tesla roadster! It is made of the finest 6061 aluminum material and is composed of 3 pieces to make a one-of-a-kind wheel. Its performance-driven engineering helps improve the mileage, acceleration, and fuel economy for the range and models of Tesla cars. 

Also, they have a typically lightweight flow form alloy technology which is 300X stronger and superior to cast wheels. With this, it also brings an excellent quality performance that is super durable at a lower cost than its cast counterpart. 

 AC forged wheels have earned thousands of happy and satisfied customers through their performance drive and low-cost wheels. It just sets the right standard for the automotive industry. So, if you are looking for something beyond style, this can be a great pocket-friendly option for you. Choose from custom color combinations and limitless choices of finish for a more personalized high-end style. 


Since Tesla cars are sleek and impressive in their own way, it becomes important to ensure that the wheels look as luxurious as the vehicle itself! Tesla cars are paving the way for innovation and customization with preferred style, speed, and performance-driven outcomes. With this, their wheels need to perform at a high-end level too so that you get a full satisfactory outcome from your car!

Here at AudioCityUSA Wheels, we understand how important your Tesla car is to you and that is why we help you find the perfect style and performance-driven wheels that will suit your requirements. We have been in the business for 33 years now and our sole goal is to provide a high-quality customer experience at impressively affordable prices. We cater to a wide range of wheels and rim brands, with varied sizes and finishes options to choose from. We also have a dedicated team to help you in case of any queries related to wheels. So, no matter what you are looking for, you can be sure to find the best wheels for your Tesla model right here.  

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