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What is Lieng? How to play sacred cards always win

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What is Lieng? How to play sacred cards always win

If you win, you will have everything in the online card game for real money, there are quite a few gamers who use this way of playing.


It is the fact that the player will place an extra bet that is higher than the top bettor.

All hands

When a player makes a hand and feels that his hand is capable of winning and puts all the money he has. However, you should note that, in this case, you should only do it when you are really confident with your victory. And if not, you can easily whiten that bag!

A note for players is that when playing Lieng, each game is only played once, and the winner will be the one with the highest score.

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How to play sacred cards to always win

As mentioned, it is not difficult to play sacred cards, but to be able to become a top gamer is a big problem, it requires you to train your ability, use good tactics. and actively learn.

Mastering the rules of the game is a prerequisite

To be able to become a super player, the first thing is that you must master the rules of the game. With each bookmaker, there will be certain regulations on time and bet level, so players need to master to get the best bets. Reasonable playing strategy, do not lose foolishly.

Stay in good spirits

To make the best moves and decisions, players need to have a clear mind, quick thinking to observe the opponent so that they can take the best measures, minimize losses.

Know how to create the pose “break the rope in the forest”

You should remember that when playing sacred, there will be 4 rights as mentioned above: face, follow, charge and all hands. In case your hand is too bad now you should use the prime strategy. If you do that will

can make other players think that your hand has a high score and your chances of winning will also be there. But you need to consider carefully because it is very likely that your opponent will hold your hand!

And when you have a really good hand, confidently putting down money and “clicking” the opponent to increase the bonus is a very good way to play.

No matter how good the article is to introduce to you, it can’t be as good as your own experiences with this sacred game. This is really a game with a lot of interesting things that you should experience!

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