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Tips for Mobile Detailing: 5 Tips to Avoid Water Damage

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1) Guarding Your Painting and Exterior Finish

The best method to protect your vehicle’s coating and paint is to get a film that protects it; however, this can only be carried out when the car is brand new. If this isn’t possible, it is recommended to follow these steps once it rains:

  • Clean your car thoroughly by letting it dry. If you want to protect your vehicle, you need to shield your vehicle and simply wash it using a cleaner instead of just washing it down with a hose, although hosing it down is usually sufficient.
  • Apply the wax you prefer or contact advice from the professionals at car detailing in Kitchener for a suggestion. Wax can protect your surface from any type of damage. However, while any sealant is acceptable, we recommend using premium wax.

2) Security of The Interior and Electronics


Ensure that your vehicle is appropriately sealed to ensure that it is not flooded or caused harm. Check the seal by inspecting the rubber part that connects the door to the roof. Make sure there aren’t any cracks or damage there. If there’s a problem, or you’re unable to determine you, bring it for repair to your local mechanic.

3) Be Safe and Protect Your Vision

Inspecting your wipers regularly and your lights is essential to ensuring your vehicle’s safety. When you drive during rainy weather, the wipers and lights are the most critical aspect of your safety. Check them regularly and ensure that your car’s lights and windshield are clear. Phone CL Auto Detailingto make sure your vehicle is cleaned if the car becomes hard to clean, the debris from your windshields, windows, or lighting; you don’t want to affect your visibility.

4) Make sure that your car is covered

The best method to shield your car from the dangers of the elements is to cover it when it’s parked. It is possible to do this by purchasing a car cover or strategically putting bags of tarps and weighting them down if you do not possess a carport or garage.

5) Make Sure You Have Your Car professionally cleaned and maintained regularly

A crucial aspect of maintaining your car is having your vehicle cleaned regularly. This is particularly essential if you live in an area with severe weather patterns like extreme temperatures, heavy downpours and frequent thunderstorms, and so on. CL Auto Detailing can conveniently take care of your car’s detailing anywhere you are, for the right price. They’ll be there for you!

If you reside in the city of Kitchener area, it is essential to safeguard your car from torrential downpours. Did you know that rain is acidic? It also causes pollen and dirt to cover your vehicle and form a pattern you’ve never imagined. When it’s dry and dries, you’re left with only a ruined finish with water spots and stains. CLAuto Detailing is here to assist!

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