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The Ultimate Guide on E-Sports Betting at VN88

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What is The Best E-Sports Game to Play

Are you ready to try your luck at E-Sports betting? If so, the VN88 E-Sports platform is the perfect place to start. This guide will give you an overview of how to bet on E-Sports and how to be successful in it. We’ll go over the most popular games, explain the different ways you can bet, and discuss the advantages of using VN88 for your E-Sports betting. By the end of this guide, you’ll be a pro at E-Sports betting on VN88! So let’s get started.

What is E-Sports Betting?

E-Sports betting involves betting on online gaming competitions. PUBG, DOTA2, League of Legends, etc. are a few examples. Basketball, football, and other video E-Sports games are categorized as E-Sports by certain bookmakers. You will place a bet on the event or circumstance you believe will occur. If you are right, you win your bet and receive a bonus in proportion. You forfeit your bet if you lose.

Common Bets in E-sport Betting

Players must be sure to know the game’s regulations and comprehend the fundamental bets before competing in E-Sport levels. Hence, preserve these bets so that you won’t be caught off guard when you see them.

  • Time Bet: Speculate on whether or not games will be finished in 35 minutes or less.
  • Bet on the team to destroy the first 5 lives.
  • Bet the team to take down the first 10 lives.
  • Decide which team will score the first victory.
  • The team won at the end of the match.
  • Betting on the champion team.
  • Predicting the total number of lives killed…

To win prizes, we can bet on handicap, over/under, moneyline, or even with the aforementioned bets.

Outstanding Advantages of Esports at VN88

The popularity of the VN88 bookie’s E-Sports division, despite its recent debut, is not a coincidence. The following standout benefits of this category make it easier to obtain players’ respect and trust:

  • Provide a selection of popular E-Sports betting odds.
  • Open bets on the hottest combat video games available.
  • Provide a clear match video with reliable sound and image.
  • The high bonus rate enables gamers to make more money.
  • Open bets and odds announcements two to three days beforehand make it simple for participants to organize a sensible bet.
  • Lag and transmission issues happen quite seldom.

What is The Best E-Sports Game to Play?

On the betting tables, there are a lot of intriguing competitions. The following E-Sports games should be pinned to your experience list if you are just starting to learn:

  • League of Legends: When you engage in fights in this MOBA game, you’ll assume the role of powerful general out to wipe out the opposition.

What is The Best E-Sports Game to Play

  • Fortnite: You play a zombie hunter in this visually gorgeous game while defending survivors.
  • CS:GO: Because this game will only force you to move forward and win, switch to the mortal combat setting.
  • Dota 2: It takes careful planning and coordination for the team to succeed in this game.
  • PUBG: This is a good option if you enjoy survival action games.
  • StarCraft II: Those who enjoy space battles and exploration will enjoy this series of games.
  • Call of Duty: Millions of people like playing shooting games of this genre.

Tip to Betting E-Sports Online at VN88

It is difficult to win the bets in addition to having fundamental abilities like understanding the game’s rules. The following are some recommendations for you to follow if you wish to improve the frequency of that bet:

  • Have experience playing games in real life. The approach may then be understood, and the best decision can then be made.
  • Avoid placing several bets at once since the cost is high and the danger is considerable.
  • Because we can observe the game and make choices, vibration bets have a large chance of winning.
  • All information about the team, members, performance, strengths, achievements, and leader… all determine victory.
  • Choose a reputable bookie to bet on. With VN88, you can be assured of quality and fairness. Pay attention to the tournament schedule to grasp the best opportunities to win.

About VN88 Bookie

In recent years, the VN88 bookie has made its grand entrance onto the world stage, earning recognition and admiration under various titles including that of ‘national bookie’.

Few people are aware that VN88 is a “baby” of the top Filipino entertainment company W88, which has its Manila headquarters. The major goal of this brand’s operations is to increase its presence among Southeast Asian players, particularly in Vietnam.

Now, VN88 operates entirely legally thanks to a license from the regulatory body for gaming, PAGCOR. So, there is nothing to worry about when using the services at this location.

The casino is renowned for offering players a variety of alluring bonuses to let them gamble pleasantly and risk-free. The playing area at VN88 is on par with the top E-Sports bookmakers, K8 or JBO.

How to Placing Betting Online E-Sports at VN88

After picking a reputable casino, place an E-Sports bet. The following step is taken by the player to finish the bet and receive the bonus. The fundamental stages listed below will form the general order:

How to Placing Betting Online E-Sports at VN88

  • Step 2: After transitioning to the authentic VN88 platform, input your credentials to log in. If you’re brand-new, there’s one extra step for creating a VN88 account that must be completed before entering – just follow the provided instructions and you’ll be on your way!
  • Step 3: Transition to VN88 E-Sports betting and find a suitable playing hall for you, allowing the selection of the corresponding bet type that best suits your need.
  • Step 4: Place your bets.
  • Step 5: Get the reward.
  • Step 6: Transform the bonus into tangible funds and deposit it directly into the player’s personal banking account.


VN88 E-Sports is the betting bookie that brings players closer to the world of competitive gaming. With a secure interface, many attractive incentives, and legal licenses from PAGCOR, VN88 has become a great choice for both professional and hobby gamers.

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