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The capabilities of a fiber laser marking machine

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Fiber laser marking is an excellent, safe, and efficient way of engraving or marking metals, plastics, leather, and many other surfaces. A fiber laser marking machine has three core parts that include:

  • The beam delivery system,
  • the pump,
  • and the resonator.

The machine’s pump has a laser diode that emits a beam that is transferred to the resonator through fiber optics. The resonator has semi-reflecting Bragg grating components that convert the light waves into wavelengths needed for marking.

This marking process can mark various objects with logos, designs, numbers, names, etc. Luckily, fibre laser marking machines leave precise, curated, readable, and clean marks. As a result, it’s used by various industries, small businesses, and even hobbyists at home. Furthermore, it is a completely safe procedure that makes zero contact and only touches the marking surface.

The capabilities of the fiber laser marking machine which make it stand out are:

  • It’s a very environmentally friendly process with minimum carbon footprint because it doesn’t use chemicals while marking.
  • It’s a very flexible machine that works on various sizes, thicknesses, and types of materials.
  • It doesn’t strip off the material it’s marking on, which makes the process effortless.
  • It is easy to change the settings, which can be customised based on the marking material.
  • It requires no maintenance as compared to other laser engravers.

What you can make with a fiber laser marking machine

Fiber laser marking machines are versatile and can be adjusted to meet the requirements. You have to programme necessary parameters like marking area, the number of times the laser should pass, etc. Also, it has autofocus and is compatible with computers to attain the utmost accuracy concerning the desired design.

So, with such high security, precision, and hassle-free process, its uses are:

Personalised Jewellery

It’s used to personalise jewellery by leaving clear and permanent marks. You can choose the exact area, and with the help of a computer, you can replicate the same designs on the jewellery. For example, engraving wedding dates on couple bracelets, pendants, and rings.

Medical Equipment

Medical equipment requires identification marks that can withstand sterilisation; fiber laser engraving is the most suitable option. For example, fiber laser marking machines mark medical equipment’s LOT number, serial number, and QR codes.

Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is the largest user of this technology. For example, it’s used for marking country of origin, serial numbers, and barcodes in various parts of vehicles. The second use is the marking button on the dashboard, which should be visible.

Small Businesses

Many hobbyists and small businesses are customising many materials to offer personalisation. Some examples are marking wallets, jewellery, mugs, metallic vases, etc. It is increasingly becoming popular for small businesses over the last few years due to ease in government restrictions and the safety these machines provide.

So, bringing the right fiber laser marking machine will be the most advantageous option, whether you have a large-scale or small-scale business. You can use it to mark various materials with identification marks, barcodes, or personalise items to enhance your business. 

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