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Tesla no desk chaos: Musk is forcing everyone into offices, but there are no desks!

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Elon Musk created a stir in June. Home offices should be reserved for exceptional circumstances only, since the Tesla boss has already sent all employees to the offices. Anybody who does not like it should be fired. The employees are getting in trouble at the office.

You’ll be fired if you don’t return to work. Elon Musk made that clear a few weeks back. However, it seems that the demand for heavy work was not well-prepared. Although the employees obeyed their boss’s orders, reported that the entire action was not well planned or thought out.

Chaotic Return to the Office

The factory’s employees arrived in Fremont, California to face a series of problems. There wasn’t enough parking for everyone, there were too few desks and the WLAN was slow and sometimes broken due to so many users.

Many regard Elon Musk as a visionary and genius, but he clearly struggles with everyday practicalities. This is because Tesla has nearly 100,000 employees at the moment, almost twice the number of people who worked in the company before the pandemic. This is despite the fact that Tesla has almost 100,000 employees, which is more than any layoffs since 2019.

Musk stated recently that he feels “very bad” about the economy, and that 10% of Tesla employees should search for new jobs. Employees who returned to the office today have discovered a number of issues. Many of them had to park miles away in order to be transported to the office. Because Tesla used the space for other purposes during the pandemic, there were not enough desks. The report states that the desk situation was so dire that some executives ordered employees to work remotely.

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