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Tension Control Bolts: What People Are Saying

Tension Control Bolts: What People Are Saying

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Tension Control Bolts

Tension Control Bolts: Everything You Should Know

Over the years, Tension Control Bolts (TC Bolts) have grown in popularity to become one of the mainstays of steel fastening. But beyond the fame, what more do you know?

For starters, how do TC bolts (also known as twist-off bolts) weigh against other construction fasteners? Are they worth the hype? More importantly, should you commit your hard-earned money?

Good news: this article contains the answers to your inquiries. Keep reading to find them!

TC Bolts: What Do We Know?

Either you call it a TC, tension control, twist-off, or LeJeune bolt, it doesn’t matter. The names mean the same thing: a dome-head bolt often pre-assembled and pre-lubricated by manufacturers.

While the dome-head on TC bolts stand out, the most intriguing feature of these fasteners is that they won’t drive into your steel without a special power wrench. From there, the fastening process becomes more interesting.

TC bolts install only from their spline. As the power wrench drives them into your steel, the spline moves in a clockwise motion while the nut rotates in the opposite direction. Eventually, the former will break off when you’ve reached the perfect tension. Hence the name, tension control bolts.

At the base level, the definition and process of a TC bolt don’t necessarily explain why you should use it. You might even wonder what all the hype is about. In that case, the section below can help you clear the air.

Why Should You Use A Twist-off Bolt?


In comparison with construction fasteners, such as Direct Tension Indicators and heavy hex bolts, twist-off bolts require only a fraction of your money. This fastener only requires one person for both its inspection and installation processes.

And because twist-off bolts are pre-manufactured and pre-loaded, rest assured that the personnel won’t even commit a mistake. Overall, you’d save on human resources, time, and money without a dent in the quality of your steel fastening.


The cost-effectiveness of twist-off bolts will be nothing if the fasteners don’t even perform optimally. But fortunately, they are the best in the industry. How so?

Twist-off bolts come with several performance features. The first of the lot is the fiction grip connection. With it, the fasteners can prevent even the slightest slip on your object regardless of the surrounding vibration.

Furthermore, twist-off bolts are adept at preventing load reversals and swaying, thanks to their pre-loaded nature. Ultimately, these fasteners provide the perfect base with evenly distributed tension for your structures.

Easy Installation

The reason twist-off bolts require only one person for installation and inspection is that they are straightforward. If you follow the manufacturer’s instructions and use the right driving tool, installing a TC bolt is easy peasy.

Besides, twist-off bolts already have the perfect factory lubrication. All you need is to get the “special” tool and drive the fasteners into your steel object.

Getting The Most From Your Tension Control Bolts 

Like any construction aid, a tension control bolt also requires care to function optimally. For starters, you can’t expose the fasteners to air without use for more than 3days. Else, they’d lose their lubrication.

Most importantly, you need to get your TC bolt from a trusted company and in the “right” specification. If you follow those steps, rest assured that you’ll invest your hard-earned money rightly.

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