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SuperMicro Defines the Industry Standard

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SuperMicro Computer, Inc., stylized as SuperMicro, is an IT hardware manufacturer headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan. Founded in 1993, it designs motherboards, system storage devices, servers, and networking equipment targeted at commercial customers. Its products range from low-power consumer PCs to high-performance enterprise storage systems. The company sells its products through direct sales channels, OEMs, system integrators, and distributors.

SuperMicro Incorporated (NASDAQ: SXM) develops high-performance computing solutions targeting the embedded market. Founded in 1993, SuperMicro is headquartered in Fremont, California, with offices throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and South Africa. Its products are designed and manufactured in Taiwan, using its factories and qualified suppliers.

At SuperMicro, they manufacture their products right here in the United States. They have an office in Silicon Valley, California, and another in Fremont, California, just across the Bay Bridge from San Francisco. They design, engineer, test, package, and ship all of the products at both locations. They also maintain a manufacturing facility in Taiwan.

SuperMicro is a global manufacturer of computer hardware products, including motherboards, system cabinets, memory modules, and hard drives. Their main customers are OEMs who produce motherboard designs and other product components. SuperMicro also provides software solutions that help manufacturers design their products, manage them, and distribute them into production.

As an early adopter of Intel processors, SuperMicro helped define the industry standard for enterprise computing with our x86 platform technologies. Our focus on quality and reliability made us the best choice for many Fortune 500 companies worldwide. Today, we continue innovating and delivering first-to-market solutions for the cloud era. Our mission statement at SuperMicro is to deliver tomorrow’s enterprise computing Platforms.

Supermicro helps companies adopt the latest technologies quickly and efficiently, allowing them to stay ahead of their competitors. Our engineering team works with industry leaders to provide the best possible solution for your needs. Our solutions are designed to meet the demands of today while anticipating what will come next.

As a leading provider of high-performance enterprise-grade servers, we continue our commitment to environmental stewardship through resource-saving architecture that reduces carbon emissions and energy usage. Our new line of servers, the XS1650, incorporates an industry-first dual fan system featuring dual fans per CPU socket, reducing energy consumption and thermal stress on component life. The XS1650 also features our industry-leading Xcellerator SSD caching technology for increased performance and reduced latency.

We are an award-winning technology company delivering innovative products and services to transform industries at the intersection of Cloud Computing, Data centers, Enterprise IT, Big Data, HPC, Artificial Intelligence, 5G, IoT & Embedded Computing. We have delivered value since we started. Mr. Liang has been recognized for his contributions to the industry.

Powerful servers are available with 24/7 support and lightning-fast turnaround time. Shop with our customizable server solutions that give you access to top-notched customer service and fast turnaround times. SuperMicro provides extensive motherboard options for a broad range of market segments. We offer a complete suite of motherboards, from high-density desktop/workstation systems to highly reliable enterprise servers. We also supply a selection of storage products for both network-attached and RAID systems. 

Our engineering team ensures our customers get the right solution for every application. Whether you require a small form factor or a large rack mount product, our full line of motherboards will give you the flexibility to meet any challenge! SuperMicro strives to be an industry leader in technology innovation and providing quality solutions. We work closely with customers to ensure we deliver high-quality products and services to meet your needs. To help you get the best service available on any product, we encourage you to visit our website(www.supermicro.com) and contact us.

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