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Summer Indian Bridal Fashion For The Minimalist Bride

by Rajdeep Basu

Seeing Mouni Roy, Dia Mirza, and Yami Gautam getting married in minimal dresses or designer sarees per se, it has now become a trend for every bride to wear dresses that they can wear in their later years of marriage as well. Minimalistic bridal collections are a part of the trend now. Whether you’re to wear minimal embroidery bridal lehengas or simple sarees to your wedding, it’s a further step to initiate subtlety within wedding industries and save for your future. 

Here’s a quick rundown of what the future has in store for us. Everything will be different in this period. People, things, and our environment will all change. As a result, fashion will be greatly influenced. Brides and grooms, as well as their families and friends, will make a concerted effort to reduce their wedding expenses.

Small church, domestic, and court weddings will be more common during the summer wedding season. As a result, the bridal attire will be suited for the small party. Under these circumstances, simple outfits will reign supreme. To create a comfy and trendy look, add your own particular flair.

Indian bridal wear in the summer is all about ease. The minimalist bride, in particular, will want to strike the correct balance throughout her ensemble. Here’s are certain minimal bridal looks you should consider before buying your bridal dresses:

The Minimalist Bride

It’s impossible to go wrong with a retro bridal fashion look. It’s impossible to go wrong with vintage. A bride’s heart belongs to evergreen and time-honored pieces passed down through the generations. We automatically think of our mother’s closet when we hear the word “vintage.”

Sarees, bridal lehengas, and vintage dresses from your mother are far more valuable than any fashionable garment. You may create a charming vintage vibe by combining it with heirloom pieces like death or Borla.

This is the ideal Summer Indian bridal fashion look for the minimalist bride.

The Unconventional Bride

There’s a lot of advice on how to acquire the “perfect bridal appearance” on social media and in print and online publications, and it’s unfortunate that we frequently forget to explore ourselves and focus on the underlying meaning of why we’re getting married. 

Forget about being extravagant. Wear a new silhouette or a vibrant color to make a fashion statement. Don’t forget to make a stylish statement in your bridal gowns.

You’ll be sure to stand out during your wedding with a little embroidery and maximum charm. 

The Experimental Bride

Our favorite bridesmaid style is the experimental minimalist bride. Brides who don’t want to wear the traditional lehenga. Experiment with a variety of outfits, including suits, sarees, and shararas. In the coming wedding seasons, intimate and modest weddings will surely be the way to go. The requirement of wearing a lehenga will become less popular. As a result, brides might opt for more comfy apparel, such as Anarkali or the evergreen saree.

The Chic Bride

It’s all in how you put your bridal ensemble together. If you’ve ever thought of organizing an extravagant wedding and having to wear your dream designer lehenga, don’t be discouraged. Choose a stunning dream lehenga, but keep it in check. Buy lehenga with jacket online and make a subtle statement for every bride-to-be of 2022.

If you wish to go with a lavishly embroidered lehenga, use a basic, neatly cut blouse and a light dupatta. This also works in the opposite direction. A lavishly embroidered dupatta can be worn with a monotone plain lehenga. These kinds of combinations are guaranteed to turn heads this summer.

About DolyJ

Our outfits at DollyJ represent a lifestyle that reflects today’s India, an unabashed combination of traditional and modern bridal lehengas and gowns. While moving forward into a more courageous world, we believe in maintaining faithfully to the traditions that have built this history. We reimagine classic crafts in a modern context, making them accessible to women of all ages and sizes.

To us, it’s not just about the garment, but also about the storey behind it – from utilising sustainable fabrics to sharing our tailors’ and karigars’ experiences. We hope you enjoy not only the beauty of our pieces, but also the stories that inspired them. Our objective is to honour the legacy that gives our garments their uniqueness and authenticity.

We honor the rich textile legacy that has persisted in India for generations by using Parsi embroidery and thread-work. We operate with complete honesty regarding our processes and employees, and we strive to honor the various traditions that distinguish them. By hand stitching each item, our karigars add their own unique charm, their stories echoing in the fabric’s weaves.

We are committed to a more sustainable environment, and all of our bridal gowns and lehengas are made from organic and natural materials, which are then weaved into bridal designer sarees. Fashion, we feel, must exist in harmony with both the past and the future.

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