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Renting a Laptop – Is It Worth It?

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Laptops are a basic requirement for everyone in today’s tech-enabled world. Whether you’re an individual, a student, corporate employee, or even a company owner, you would need a laptop to get through the day and complete your tasks.  They have now become an essential to our survival, aren’t they?  Especially if it’s a business. There are several cost-cutting measures that are examined for each company or startup. IT equipment for staff or office operations is considered a costly liability amid all other costs. Taking laptop on rent is the greatest way to avoid this expense. Spend your money wisely.

There are several ways to purchase a laptop or desktop computer, including credit card EMIs or a huge down payment. But then, after a year or two, you may also feel like getting a newer version and want to upgrade your current laptop to the latest model. And if you’re like us, it’s quite tough to manage again or start paying EMIs. The whole process is tiring.

So, what’s the solution? What can you do to avoid paying high prices when you know you have to pay the same again after a year or two?

The simplest and most affordable option is taking a laptop on rent from Cityfurnish. If you’re skeptical about renting a laptop and thinking if it would be worth it – we assure you that it is totally worth it. Let’s look at some of the major advantages of renting a laptop. 

Is It Actually Worth Getting a Laptop on Rent?

Yes, renting is actually worth it, in any scenario. Yes, even if you can afford to buy a laptop, renting one is a great idea. A standard laptop of any brand, that includes a medium setup such as an i5 CPU, with 8GB RAM, and has a 500GB HDD/SDD can cost you anywhere between 60K and 80K INR. In the context of SME firms or corporates, any required professional laptops would cost roughly 95k to 1 lakh INR.

If you wish to update your laptop to something like a 16 GB or i7 CPU, you will have to invest additional money. Because updating is crucial in today’s work culture or period. So, the answer to your problem is to take a laptop on rent. Rather than purchasing a laptop, rent one and upgrade it year after year, whenever you feel the need to.

Still not convinced? Well, here are some major advantages of renting a laptop –

  • Always Get to Enjoy Cutting-Edge Technology
    When you rent a laptop, you don’t have to worry about updating your laptop devices. You can swap out your rental equipment as needed. You only need to make a request and you can have your chosen setup in no time. This way, you get to save a lot of money. And if you own a business, all of your staff will also be happy with better laptops. Remember that hard effort and happiness are prerequisites for growth.

  • Perfect Short Term Solution
    You don’t need to spend a lot of money on a laptop if you only need it for a short while. It can be a few weeks or months. You may simply rent a laptop from Cityfurnish for a short period of time.


Many SMEs with limited resources find it difficult to purchase laptops or other IT devices all at once. As a result, clients may simply opt for a three-month or six-month rental option based on their needs. They quickly expand their firm’s business and can leave after a short-term period of their renting arrangement. Similarly, they will be aware of the advantages and will be able to continue.

  • There Are No Maintenance Costs
    Purchasing IT equipment necessitates ongoing upkeep. Corporate firms tend to spend a lot of expense on annual laptop or desktop computers repair. However, when you rent laptops, there are no maintenance costs since everything is managed by the service provider. In the event of a problem, online help is available, as is a replacement on serious situations.

  • Value for Money

If you’re on a limited budget and can barely afford to have your laptop repaired after it breaks, or if you’re a small business owner who doesn’t want to spend a fortune on purchasing laptops and computers for events, why not rent a laptop?

Buying new items is frequently needless, and if there is a method to save money, you may save a lot! Laptop rental is really reasonable, and the longer the rental duration, the lower the costs. Renting makes a lot more sense in this situation than buying. There’s no hefty down payment or installments. You simply pay a nominal subscription fee and return the laptop when you no longer have the need for it.

  • Protect the Environment

While we are considering savings costs, we should perhaps also consider Mother Earth by recycling IT devices such as laptops, etc. Renting a laptop would help to preserve the environment and green India.

  • Try It Before You Buy It!
    Renting a laptop allows you to try out a laptop that you have been wanting to buy without having to empty your wallet. Or it can be a moment when you only require a temporary laptop to complete your work while your defected laptop is being repaired, but then you believe that the one you’re using is actually providing a great performance and you want to buy the exact same model right away! Alternatively, use it to examine laptops that is getting a lot of attention from the public, but you’re a sceptic and want to see and try it first.

    Simply visit Cityfurnish laptop rental website to see for yourself. Check the options and see the laptop that you want to rent. You can also read the reviews of the laptop beforehand and then try it for sometime to know how it actually is.


Moreover, renting is the best option for work from home situation. Because due to covid, several businesses are continuing with the work from home environment. Many businesses used PCs in their workplaces, but now that they operate from home, they must supply a desktop or laptop alongside home maintenance solutions. Again, this would need investment as well as managerial initiatives. The perfect solution to avoid huge costs is, again, to rent your laptop/desktop from Cityfurnish. We will not only ship the laptops directly to your home, but we will also handle any servicing issues that may arise.

With Cityfurnish, you not only get the best laptops on rent, but you also get value for your money. There are a lot of benefits that you get to enjoy when you choose Cityfurnish, some of them being – free delivery and pickup, free installations, no huge EMIs or subscription fees, latest upgrades, no additional maintenance costs, latest models of branded laptops including the MacBook.

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