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PSVR Prescription Lens Inserts: The Most Comfortable And Convenient Way To Experience VR

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Learning how to use a VR system can be quite uncomfortable. With the side effects of nausea, lightheadedness, and the required lack of focus for the longest time, it can make exploring virtual worlds near impossible. However, with PSVR lenses and prescription lens inserts, you are able to experience virtual content immensely safely by not having to use a camera or external screen.


What is PSVR (Prescription Lens Inserts)?


PSVR Prescription Lens Inserts are the most comfortable and convenient way to experience virtual reality. These inserts allow people with prescription lenses to immerse themselves in VR without having to remove their glasses or struggle with inserting and removing the lenses. PSVR Prescription Lens Inserts come in a variety of sizes and can be used with any type of PS4 or PSVR headset. Simply remove the insert from the box, place it in your headset, and snap it into place. There is no need for any additional equipment or settings. Unlike other VR headsets, PSVR Prescription Lens Inserts do not require any adjustments or contortions. All users need is a standard pair of glasses.


The newest and most comfortable way to experience virtual reality


If you’re looking for an upgrade to your current virtual reality headset, then check out PSVR prescription lenses. These inserts provide a more comfortable and convenient way to experience VR. In addition to providing a better VR experience, these inserts also keep your eyes safe by reducing the strain on your eyes from excessive viewing angles. Plus, they come in different colors to suit your personal style. So if you’re looking for an upgrade to your current virtual reality set-up, then you should definitely consider investing in PSVR prescription lenses!


PSVR lenses insert


The PSVR is a great way to get immersed in your favorite games and experiences, but what if you have an issue with your vision? Fortunately, there are now lens inserts that make VR even more comfortable and convenient for everyone.


When using PSVR lenses inserts, you no longer have to worry about the ill fitting headsets or adjusting pressure on your eyes. The inserts come in different sizes and shapes so that they fit comfortably inside your eyeglasses. Plus, because they rotate, you can maintain the same perspective in all directions, which is especially helpful for people who suffer from motion sickness.


If you’re interested in trying out PSVR lens inserts, we recommend searching online for retailers that sell them. You can also check out Amazon or Walmart to find the best deals.




If you’re looking for a prescription-level VR experience, then a VR lens insert is the perfect solution. They’re comfortable, convenient, and provide a more immersive virtual reality experience. Plus, they come in different sizes so that everyone can find a fit that works best for them. Here are three of the most popular PSVR prescription lens inserts: the HTC Vive Focus Lens, the Oculus Rift CVR+Lens Adapter, and the Samsung Gear VR World Lens.


The benefits of PSVR prescription lens inserts


Since PSVR is meant for an immersive and complete virtual reality experience, having the correct prescription lens can make all the difference. Take a look at some of the benefits that come with using a PSVR prescription lens insert.


First and foremost, you’ll get a much more comfortable VR experience. The lenses will correctly centricate your images and create a true sense of immersion. This is especially important if you’re wearing glasses or contacts that don’t match your PSVR lenses perfectly. You won’t have to worry about them moving around or getting in the way while you’re gaming or watching movies.


When it comes to convenience, nothing beats a PSVR prescription lens insert. They’re easy to install and take just a couple of minutes to get set up. Plus, they’re backed by a strict quality control process so that you always get the best possible vision quality.


Accessoires: wrist attachment, carrying case, cleaning cloth


If you’re looking for the most comfortable way to experience virtual reality, prescription lens inserts may be the solution for you. Available in a variety of styles and colors, these inserts provide a level of comfort that is hard to find elsewhere. Plus, they come with a wrist attachment for easy portability. 


Another great feature of these inserts is the carrying case. This makes it easy to take your PSVR wherever you go. Plus, the case has a built-in cloth for cleaning your glasses’ lenses. 


Whether you’re new to VR or just looking for an easier way to enjoy your experience, prescription lens inserts are a great option.

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