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Popular Smartwatch Apps

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Smartwatch Apps

Wearable technologies, such as smartwatches, are trending in current markets and assisting individuals and businesses with being technologically up-to-date. These specific systems include biometric, lifestyle, productivity, financial apps, and more. These wearable technologies and device and interface designs provide users most of the functionality seen on typical smartphone platforms. 

As wearable technologies appear more often in society and for business use, companies may take advantage of the trending technologies to develop mobile applications that showcase brand products and services from this alternative platform. For this reason, businesses may reach out to a local Los Angeles mobile app development agency, like https://sunlightmedia.org/services/mobile-app-development/, to understand which mobile applications serve best for the business needs and attract larger target audiences to brands content, products, and services.

What are Wearable Technologies? 

Wearable technologies are mobile devices that users may interact with. Due to the design, these specific mobile devices do not have all of the functionalities that other mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets, have. Users with these iOS and Android mobile wearable technologies use specific mobile applications for various purposes. 

Although these systems have built in functions for messaging and calling, downloading additional mobile applications onto these platforms will extend the productivity and performance of the wearable technologies. Know more about the benefits of applying smartphones and businesses together for reaching business objectives. 

Popular Smartwatch Apps


Cadiogram is a mobile application for wearable technologies like smartwatches. This program measures user movements and biometric readings to provide information about irregularities in heart rate and sleeping habits. Additionally, this mobile application enables users to track other health related events to provide relevant health reports, charts, and alerts that assist end-users with better understanding their stress, sleep, fitness, and heart readings. 

Also, there is a streak system for better health habit tracking, timelines for minute to minute heart rate monitor tracking, and import of data from external applications such as Google Fit, Fitbit, Garmin, and more. With these technologies, users may improve their overall health by tracking different health habits.

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Glide is a popular smartwatch mobile application available for download on iOS and Android app distribution stores. With this application, smartwatch users may arrange calls and send video messages to other Glide app users. The design of the app makes receiving and sending audio recordings with videos quick and easy. 

Google Maps 

For iOS and Android mobile wearable technologies, Google Maps serves as a great mobile application that provides end-users with location and navigational assistance. Within the application, there are various useful and easy-to-use features such as alternative route indicators, traffic condition reports, built-in compass and Global Mapping Systems, and audio voice navigation. Also, the Google Maps application provides data such as weather, estimated time to destination, and location details from within the interface. 

Google Fit 

Google Fit is available for both iOS and Android mobile users. The mobile application serves as an effective activity tracking program for all mobile wearable users. There is a Heart Points health tracking system that assists end-users with tracking health patterns, app sensors that monitor data such as speed, pace, time, and routes during activities, and comprehensive reports of history activities and health relevant data. 

Google Keep

Within the Google Keep mobile application, there are numerous helpful and user-friendly features such as notes, reminders, virtual to-do checklists, and more. Google Keep is available for download on both iOS and Android app distribution stores and may operate without touch operation. For easier use of the mobile application, users may categorize and color code folders and notes for faster identification and navigation to important notes and files. Organizational features also consist of labels and search functions. 

Google Pay 

Managing your credit cards virtually on a smartwatch is easy and quick with Google Pay. In other words, Google pay users may store multiple loyalty cards, offers, and tickets within their mobile application to then purchase products and services at a later time or date. The app also offers users the option to save items such as boarding passes for when traveling and offer easy management of multiple cards to make payments for expenses using various cards on file. Google Pay also features sending payment options to other Google Pay users with just a few clicks. Google Pay with Smartwatch wearable technologies make it simpler and easier to checkout products and services and saves users more time on their purchases and transactions. 


From the Spotify app, mobile smartwatch users may stream and listen to music, podcasts, and audio recordings with just a few clicks. With bluetooth built-in technology, Spotify enables users to connect with speakers and various other bluetooth devices for more streaming capabilities. With the premium version, Spotfiy premium users gain access to offline capabilities and may download playlists, albums, and individual songs and recordings when in non-reception areas. 


Telegram is an essential mobile wearable device application for all smartwatch users. There are various functionalities which include sending voice or text messages to other Telegram users. Also, the mobile application offers end-users the ability to browse past data and chats from your list of created group chats. There is instant messaging built into the program for easy, fast, and simple communication to other app users, and the messaging systems also feature texts such as emojis, stickers, and text themes. Additionally, Telegram offers customers various other messaging options such as “explanation” boxes and “quiz questionnaires.” 


In conclusion, mobile applications suited for wearable technologies like smartwatches are trending more and improving how individuals and businesses expand their productivity. From the list, popular mobile applications for smartwatches typically include mobile applications around productivity, communication, entertainment, health, and business. Within these systems, there are various features, such as one-touch functions, voice recognition and searches, and biometric readings with comprehensive data and history reports. Regardless of the mobile application, smartwatch users rely on this mobile application to expedite and simplify everyday tasks to better improve their overall lifestyles. 


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