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PC Components for Gaming Enthusiasts by PC Build Wizard

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Playing games on the desktop helps gamers experience the game more interestingly, being transformed into the characters in the game. Enthusiasts know that there is no other device that can deliver the same quality and gaming experience as PC gaming. The trend of investing in professional gaming rigs with terrible processing power is more clearly oriented.  If you are in need of building a quality PC with good configuration at a reasonable price, please visit PCBuilder.net immediately, we will help you do it.



The motherboard is usually designed based on the available size. The mainboard size will require the corresponding case size. With gaming computers, the mainboard usually has 4 types of E-ATX (biggest), ATX type, Micro-ATX (most common) or Mini-ITX (smallest). There are few important aspects to consider like:-

  • Determine how the motherboard you choose can be compatible with RAM: Number of slots, maximum total amount of RAM, number of pins of RAM required, type of RAM (DDR4 or DDR3) and multi-channel support or not
  • Choose the mainboard based on the need to plug your peripherals into the current and future mainboard
  • How many hard drives can the motherboard connect to?


SSD or HDD storage:-

Another indispensable component when building a PC is the storage hard drive. Currently, there are two main types of hard drives: SSD and HDD. Typically, a high-performance gaming PC is equipped with an SSD for faster game loading and near-instant response times.

SSDs now have two protocols in the form of SATA or NVMe. SATA is an older protocol with solid performance, while NVMe is newer and uses PCI Express interfaces to increase bandwidth. NVMe also has lower latency than SATA which means it has a faster response time.



There are two types of cooling systems used by many people today: air coolers and liquid heat-sinks. Air-cooled systems are more cost-effective and easy to install, while liquid-cooled systems are better at dissipating heat, but are more expensive and more complex to assemble. Pay attention to whether the size of the case is suitable for installing the selected radiator. If you choose a water cooler, make sure to always take the time for routine maintenance and cleaning.



The source (PSU – Power Supply Unit) is important because it provides energy for all other devices in the active PC set. The source decides the life of all hardware.

When buying the first source you will be confused because I don’t know what the source brand, how much capacity and some other details.

However, you have to remember one thing that never regrets money when buying the source. The notion of buying a sufficient source to run is wrong.


Final Verdicts:-

To have a good gaming computer, experience the game at high speed, gamers need to set standards for their steed. From choosing each hardware component, making sure they are compatible with each other.

In addition, you need to check the CPU and the size of the case suitable for which type of heatsink.

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