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Nguyễn Duy Mạnh, a professional and creative SEO freelancer in his 9x

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Enhancing Search Efficiency and Website Traffic

My name is Nguyễn Duy Mạnh, and I belong to the 9X generation. I work as a professional SEO freelancer, driven by a passion for writing, research, and exploration. I strongly believe in the transformative power of language and strive to utilize my abilities to inspire others and share knowledge with the world.

My educational journey and the transition into the world of SEO


I graduated from the Vietnam Academy of Agriculture, majoring in Veterinary Medicine. After completing my studies, I gained three years of experience working in sales, specifically in the animal feed, livestock breeding, and veterinary medicine sectors (from 2018 to 2021). During this time, I happened to explore the Google search engine, and the phrase I heard back in my school days, “If you don’t know something, Google it,” piqued my curiosity. Since then, I have dedicated the past two years to learning, honing my skills, and gaining experience in content writing for the internet.


Throughout this journey, I have had the opportunity to work with various clients and projects. I have written blog posts, SEO articles, website content, and marketing materials. Additionally, I possess a deep understanding of creativity and have written for diverse creative projects.

I have been captivated by the excitement and creativity within the realm of SEO

The core focus lies in creating quality content and optimizing for search engines (SEO). This not only ensures engaging and informative content but also helps clients enhance search efficiency and increase website traffic. Additionally, I always strive to maintain a professional work ethic and adhere to deadlines. I value teamwork and building strong relationships with clients and colleagues. One of my self-designed and developed projects is https://vanchuyentaiphat.com/, targeting the keyword “SEO vận chuyển nhà trọn gói Hà Nội” (Hanoi full-service house moving with SEO).

I am committed to continuous learning and expanding my knowledge base


With the ability to enhance search efficiency and increase website traffic for clients, I am committed to setting professional goals and adhering to deadlines. I deeply understand the psychology of customers, actively listen to and comprehend their needs, in order to create unique and optimized content. Commitment and responsibility are crucial elements in my work, always placing the customer as a top priority and working diligently to achieve their goals. Customer satisfaction is my success, and I am always ready to provide effective solutions and meet the requirements of every project.

The passion and dedication I put into every project are unmatched

If you are seeking a highly talented and experienced writer who is, above all, reliable and responsible in their work, I am confident that I can meet your requirements. Let me assist you in building quality content, optimizing for search engines, and enhancing the effectiveness of your website traffic.

Future Development Direction

My future plan is to further enhance my knowledge of SEO, develop within the SEO industry, and become a professional SEO expert. I aspire to have the opportunity to collaborate with you in order to bring unique, effective solutions and strategies that elevate the success of your projects. Please reach out to start our journey together and achieve remarkable accomplishments. I am ready to listen and support you with all your needs.

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