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Most wicketkeeper dismissals during the T20 World Cup

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South Africa v India - 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup

Everyone would admit that wicketkeeping is really a thankless profession. A wicketkeeper must have unwavering dedication and be willing to get wounded. In the history of cricket, there most definitely have been several best wicketkeepers. Being included on the chart of wicketkeepers who have been dismissed the most during icc world t20 world cup, though, is something special. 

MS Dhoni

One of the greatest captains throughout the history of cricket is MS Dhoni. Everything distinguishes MS Dhoni as both a unique talent is his skill set and his capacity to influence events on the cricket pitch. His proficiency with the gloves remains overlooked even more so. 

Dhoni became a member of the squad for a great cause after being the first skipper to capture the Twenty20 world cup. He h as indeed participated in 33 games, which is the most appearances by a wicketkeeper throughout the T20 world-cup. 

He has been dismissed 32 times from some of those games. Between the 32 dismissals, some 21 have indeed been caught, and 11 have resulted in a stumping dismissals. Furthermore, the captain is really only allowed a maximum of four dismissals every inning. As a result, Dhoni’s frequency of dismissals every innings equals exactly 1.000. 

Kamran Akmal

Even though Kamran Akmal has been the most aggressive batsman there at top of lineup, many have serious doubts about his ability to keep wickets. For the Pakistani side, Akmal has become a prolific batter, however his wicketkeeping isn’t among the very best. 

Yet he is among the players who were dismissed the most times during T20 world cup. Kamran has participated in 30 games including five world-cups as more than just a keeper. He had received the same number of dismissals out of those 30 matches. 

Among the 30, 12 were catches and 18 have been thrown out by stumping. Although Akmal isn’t the best at using the stumps, he is quite knowledgeable. He has been struck out four times most in an inning. Kamran  also has around 1.000 dismissals for every inning. 

Denesh Ramdin

Saying that Denesh Ramdin has served as the perfect West Indies cricket team’s lucky charm hidden behind the wickets won’t be an error. The outstanding wicketkeeper and highly skilled hitter have participated throughout T20 world cup.  

He has really worn the gloves for 29 games and participated in 7 world cups. Ramdin has had 27 strikeouts to his credit from all those 29 innings. Ramdin class can be inferred from the fact that 9 of them would be stumping while 18 are catches. 

This demonstrates that he is proficient in both areas. Additionally, he has a maximum of four dismissals every inning.

Kumar Sangakkara

When it comes to cricket, among the modern greatest players is Kumar Sangakkara. Sangakkara having scored a lot of runs and demonstrated his glove skills. Sangakarra is far and by the best batsman for Sri Lanka that has ever existed. 

He participated working behind the stumps in 31 games and 6 world cups. Additionally, he played in 31 innings, which translated to 26 dismissals. Twelve of them were catches, and the other fourteen were stumpings, demonstrating his equal skill. 

The leader who may have displayed class and composure while hiding behind the stumps has been Kumar. Additionally, he has collected a total of 3 dismissals in an innings, from which 2 constitute catches while the third is a dismissal for no reason.

Mushfiqur Rahim

Mushfiqur Rahim, a cricketer from Bangladesh, is extremely skilled. His name doesn’t appear too frequently in the mix because the Bangladeshi team sometimes doesn’t do well. Mushfiqur , however, is a superb wicketkeeper, and that much is universally acknowledged. 

Up to this point, he has participated in 7 world cups. Rahim having played in 25 games and 24 innings throughout those years. He was already dismissed a total of Nineteen times. Nine among those 19 were stumpings, whereas 10 of them have been catches. 

Mushfiqur is among the finest in the world at just wicketkeeping. His batting abilities are also fairly impressive in addition to that. His innings can only end with three dismissals at most, two of which are by stumping and one by catch. Mushfiqur’s dismissals per innings proportion is 0.791 based on this rate. 

Mark Boucher

He is one of the greatest wicketkeepers to have ever played. He is graceful as well as aggressive with both the bat yet sleek and brilliant with the gloves. Boucher has been the wicketkeeper with the most dismissals across all formats. 

Mark has done a fantastic job representing the gloves throughout the T20 World Cup tournament. He took part in 3 world cups and 16 games. Additionally, during each of those occasions, this right-handed batter was dismissed 16 times. 

A difficult 15 of said 16 dismissals have indeed been caught behind, and one of those is stumping. With three dismissals under his belt, Boucher holds the record for the most dismissals during an inning. Apart from that, he does have a 1.000 dismissals every inning ratio. 

Quinton De Kock

Following in the footsteps of former greats, Quinton De Kock was currently one of cricket’s top wicketkeeper-batsmen. It is admirable that he is consistent with both the gloves and indeed the bat. The World Cup record, nevertheless, is also rather impressive. 

De Kock has appeared in nine games including two world cups while recording 15 dismissals. That is quite a record. 4  of the fifteen dismissals were for stumping, whereas 11 of such dismissals were caught. 

De Kock can be eliminated from an innings of limited of four times, three times via catch and once by stumping.

Luke Ronchi

One of the most unusual people is Luke, who’s already played cricket for both Australia as well as New Zealand. Ronchi, who bats in the Twenty20 format, has performed admirably as the team’s keeper. Although he has played effectively with the bat, Luke’s ability as a wicketkeeper is more important. 

Luke has indeed been able to represent New Zealand in 2 Twenty20 world championships. The batter who bashes has appeared in nine matches with the gloves since those two contests. He has already been able to cause 12 dismissals well with gloves, which isn’t really bad. 

Well, these are some of the popular wicketkeepers that has performed tremendously during the T20 world cup.

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