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LinkedIn Suspends New Sign-up in China!

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LinkedIn temporarily suspended services in China for new signups. The company will resume operations once it meets local laws.

LinkedIn has stopped new registrations in China for compliance with Chinese law.

LinkedIn stated in a recent statement:

We are still focused on creating economic opportunities for our members and will continue to do so. However, we have temporarily halted new member sign-ups at LinkedIn China while we ensure compliance with local laws.

As a global platform we have an obligation to follow the laws in place. We also need to adhere to Chinese government regulations to ensure that our localized version is compliant with Chinese government regulations.

According to the Source, new accounts were suspended shortly after the attack on Microsoft Exchange email servers. Microsoft claims that the attackers were from Hafnium, a state-sponsored organization based in China.

LinkedIn does not mention anything in relation to this attack. Instead, the company claimed that sign-ups would be suspended to ensure compliance with local laws. The platform recognizes the huge Chinese population and suggests that it will soon resume services for new members once everything is in line.

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