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Light Stands for photography

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Light Stands for photography

Do you want to organize  and adjust your lights perfectly? Are you facing trouble while setting up the lights in your studio? The answer to all the questions is to have a light stand.

Light Stands are the equipment that helps you hold and adjust your lighting gear for photography.  Light Stands hold your lights and other photography equipment while you have a photoshoot or a video shoot.

There are many types of light stands available for holding your lighting gear. You can differentiate between light stands based on their design or the weight they can carry.

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The designs of the light stands are such that they can hold the weight of the heavy lighting gear. Light Stands have tons of features to take care of the lights. They have shockproof capability and a flip-lock system.

The flip-lock system helps in folding the light stand. It helps in carrying the light stand to shoot locations.

Manufacturers use high-quality metal tubes, anti-corrosion surfaces, and engineered plastics for making light stands. All the materials help in maintaining the durability of the light stands.

 Types of the Light Stands

Some of the light stands used more frequently by the manufacturers are as follows:

C stands

These are heavy-duty light stands for photography. This type of light stand is stable and can hold heavy lighting pieces of equipment. You need to rotate the legs of the stands to set it up.

While setting up the stand, avoid loosening the screws of the stand legs. If you have heavy lights, you can place weight on the bottom of the light stand. It will make the light stand more stable.

The mounting pin of the stand stays on the top of the handle. All you need to do is attach the light socket to the mounting pin.

Folding Studio stands

Folding studio stands are portable light stands. You can carry folding studio stands to multiple places. You can open and pack them back into a small unit for storing it.

Loosening the screw on the top of the stand folds the stand. The legs hinge down the central pole automatically. You can even wrap sandbags to the legs to add stability.

Best 3 light stands for photography

Some of the best light stands for photography are here:

Osaka Photo Studio Light Stand

It is a lightweight, 6-feet photo studio light stand. It is made using an aluminum alloy that makes it ideal for indoor and outdoor shoot schedules.

The aluminum alloy provides the light stand capability to hold heavy-duty lighting gear. You can easily fold the stand and carry it to different locations. The length of the light stand after folding is just 2.16 feet.

The light stand can carry weight up to 6 kg without trouble and hassles.

 LS-1250 Light stand

It is one of the heavy-duty light stands available with a bag. The bag implies that you can carry the light stand to photoshoot locations.

It is 13 inches in height. It implies you can shoot in multiple height adjustments. The smooth air-cushioned movement of the light stands prevents injuries while working with it.

The heavyweight base of the light stand prevents any kind of bumps or fallout of light while shooting.

Osaka Tripod Dolly Light Stand

It is a light stand cum tripod. You can use it as an extended light stand for heavy photoshoots. The same stand can be used as a tripod for smaller photoshoots.

The light stand requires minimum space to stand and hold lighting. To eliminate movement of the light stand during the shoot, it has special unbreakable locks. Thus, your lighting gear is safe while you shoot.

The accompanied bag helps in carrying the light stand to outdoor locations without trouble.


Having a light stand can help you handle your lighting gear carefully. It also helps in doing photoshoots without any trouble. You can adjust the lighting on the light stand and shoot seamlessly.

Some of the light stands are mentioned in this post. You can buy them and simplify your shooting process.

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