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Is Globalization  Over?

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We live in a globalized world. Everything we see in the shops came from different countries. Imagine everything shut down. It is like when the internet is switched off. You can read or find anything, or even gamble at your favorite 22Bet login

China may not even want to leave the global world, it is good for it in this world. It is too good that this continues to suit the United States, which is now doing everything to fence China off from the Western world.

It is the United States that is now the main instigator of deglobalization and isolationism; for everyone else, internal cooperation bypassing the United States is simply a necessary measure for further survival.

What Are The Reasons For That? 

The United States has one goal – to prevent China from becoming the first economy in the world. The natural course of events should have happened approximately by the end of the decade. To do this, they need to either slow China’s economic growth, accelerate their own, or (ideally) do both. This is the meaning of almost all of their recent actions, including the entire Ukrainian history.

By cutting off Europe from Russia and China, the US is dooming the European economy to rapid degradation. But if it has gone somewhere, then it has arrived somewhere else. And it will come into the American economy. Super profits from the sale of LNG have already flowed there. European industry will also migrate there. Highly qualified personnel left without work will leave, and finally European capital will begin to move there. In general, the United States will do something with the EU that Europe once did with the (ex)-USSR.

On the other hand, by isolating China from Europe and Western markets in general, the US is slowing down Chinese economic growth. All this combined gives them extra time to maneuver. And ideally, it can guarantee victory on its own. If China’s movement towards world economic leadership can be pushed back by 10-15 years, Chinese economic growth may finally fizzle out without additional actions from the American side. This will be facilitated by global problems. Moreover, the moment will already be transferred to the economic plane.

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