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Is Forex Fury a SCAM?

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Automated trading solutions have gained substantial momentum in recent years, which will continue in 2022. Like other forex traders, I also wished to boost my gains. So, I tried automated trading.

I started using several trading robots in 2019. However, I was not satisfied with the results and unsure about using the various customizable setting. After discovering Forex Fury and using it for two months, I noticed some improvements in my ROI, and I enjoyed excellent results. Finally, I decided to stick with this best forex EA

If you think Forex Fury is a scam, keep reading this post and find out why it is NOT A SCAM.

What is Forex Fury EA?

Forex Fury is one of the famous and top-rated automated trading robots nowadays. This EA is specifically designed to simplify the trading process among forex traders and meet their specific needs. With this trading robot, it does not matter whether a trader is a novice or experienced. That is because the features and other functionalities are applicable to all skill levels.

Rypax Inc. team developed this trading robot. The developers are also known for their useful product Forex Stream. This fact boosts new users’ confidence knowing that they are using reliable and safe software from established and reputable developers.

Forex Fury can meet or exceed every trader’s expectation. This feature-rich trading bot comes with a 93 percent winning rate. It gives traders more flexibility and freedom when it comes to their trading strategies. As a result, the risk of loss is minimized while letting traders formulate efficient plans to boost their trading investments. 

Is Forex Fury Worth the Try?

Forex market is the most widely traded and largest market in the world. It even defeated the stock market with more than five trillion dollars daily trade volume.

With the forex trading evolution, it is no surprise that many EAs have entered the trading world. These automated trading bots bring traders incredible opportunities and trade at the best market conditions. 

Forex Fury is one of the most reliable and safest EAs I have discovered in my entire trading career. It provides traders with real-time and trustworthy automated results. It helps me make trading a lot easier. 

Customizable Programming 

Forex Fury comes with customizable programming and provides trade signals, and monitors market movements. This programming is performed to match MT4, MT5, and other trading platforms. As a result, missed opportunities and the risk of errors are minimized. This trading bot also monitors live market data and then sends out signals.

Streamlined Trading Process

Understandably, different time zones make forex markets active 24/7. Since I cannot track the market conditions at all times, I appreciate that Forex Fury does it for me.

As an efficient forex EA, Forex Fury can execute trade decisions without traders being involved. The pre-programming allows it to send out applications on its own.

Removal of Emotional Factors

Emotional factors can influence the traders when making decisions. If that happens, their trading performance and outcomes are also affected.

Since I do not want my emotions to impact my trading, I use Forex Fury. As an automated software, it simply does the job or interprets trends objectively. It reacts in the wake of rapid fluctuations accordingly. Remember that even seasoned traders can be overwhelmed at times, so using this trading bot can handle the process with ease.

Time-Restricted Approach

The trading approach of Forex Fury is primarily based on time restriction’s fundamental properties. This trading robot helps me limit my losses because it only operates on a stipulated time period.

This EA opens trades at 4 to 5 PM EST and utilizes a scalping approach around this timeframe. So, traders can expect successful trades because the market lacks major fluctuations and are less volatile around this time. 

Unlike other EAs that trade the entire day, Forex Fury focuses on trading in and out within one to two hours daily. As a result, it can test 1000 times more data compared to other trading robots.

New Currency Pairs Testing 

While this forex EA is known to only trade one currency pair per account, it finally tested multiple pairs. This change enables me to run different demo tests to determine the most profitable pair. It also helps make me feel more secure and confident knowing that I chose a tried and tested pair.

Additionally, Forex Fury actively tests out new times. It has been pretty successful in the Asian timings with 8 to 11 PM GMT so far.

Fluid Rating System 

This forex EA comes with a fluid rating system, ensuring that the community responses are properly recorded. Doing so does not just rely on the user’s opinion. The Forex Fury V5 Beta is the latest addition to the software’s arsenal. This update helps traders try new settings and enjoy increased profitability.

Excellent Customer Support 

Another evidence that Forex Fury is not a scam is that it offers excellent customer care. Any Forex Fury user will appreciate the unmatched customer support it provides.

Every time I have concerns or questions while trading with this EA, I reach out to the customer support team and always receive a quick response. The team ensures that users can experience fast and effective responses and solve any issue as quickly as possible.

Moreover, the Forex Fury team also provides a complete and easy-to-follow installation guide and videos. Users can take advantage of the tested settings.

Overall, I appreciate the 24/7 customer service, installation guide and tutorial videos, and profitable free settings of this trading EA. I can always rely on the friendly and experienced customer support team. So, I have nothing to worry about if I encounter any trading issues while using the software. 

Final Thoughts 

Anyone can easily find a forex trading robot on the market, but the challenging part is to end up with a trustworthy and reliable one. Luckily, Forex Fury has entered the trading world. It comes with critical features to boost your gains and find new trading opportunities. Plus, it has a responsive and professional customer support team to assist users when needed. 

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