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How to write a CV for a first job?

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Companies have always not based their recruitment on the physical appearance or behaviour of the future employee. Most of the time, positions require employees with a certain degree of life experience and awareness. Thus, all these characteristics are summarised in a document called curriculum vitae or CV, which the candidate submits when applying for the job. It is this small document, the CV, that makes up the application. How should this document be written and what information should be included ? Continue reading for more details. 

What is a Curriculum Vitae ?

The CV is the document that all employers require in the files of candidates for a specific position. So when you want to apply for a job for the first time, you have to write first job resumes. This CV is not the same as the one you will write for your next job. The information to be included is a bit different as it is a teenager’s CV. In fact, in a professional CV, it is important to include work experience. But a teenager who wants to start his or her first job does not yet have professional experience. That is why it is important to know what to put in a first job CV to be able to attract employers. 

Content of a teenager’s CV

First of all, every CV starts with the insertion of the candidate’s contact details, regardless of the position and the category of the CV. In order to impress your reader, you should put in your first job CV your career plan. Already with this information, the recruiter can start to analyse your personality. In addition, this CV should contain your extracurricular activities, your achievements and some basic skills. Instead of work experience, you don’t have to worry about it. You can include everything you have ever had to do, especially in the field of event management. In case you don’t have any volunteer experience, you can still put it in and look for a while to understand what it is about. Otherwise, you can leave this part out of your CV. 

On the other Hand, a teenager’s CV is an opportunity to showcase their abilities and experience in certain areas. Unlike a professional CV, you can put in your first job CV your experience in gardening and all the work you had to do during your school and university studies. In addition, you are also free to mention any group work you had to do at college and in participation clubs. In addition to this information, it is also of great importance to address the education section in your first job CV. However, do not be afraid to highlight your experiences in a first job CV. 

The layout of a first job CV

The CV is a document where content and form are of equal importance. The big job is in the form of the CV. In fact, it is very easy to put the information in a CV in a pearl merle way, but the layout remains very important. You should take care to read your CV properly to correct spelling and grammatical errors. These are features that give your reader an idea of your language skills. 

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