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How To Organise A Photo Album

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If you’d love to be able to enjoy relaxing time browsing memories photo albums, with your family and friends, it’s important to ensure that you organise your collection of snaps so that they are easily accessible.

Organising a photo album like a pro doesn’t have to be difficult, overwhelming or challenging. Our practical guide can help you sort, select and display your favourite photographs in no time at all.

Sort It Out

If you’re someone who has multiple drawers and cupboards, or countless digital computer files, packed full of so many photos that you no longer have space to add to your collection of images, it’s time to have a sort out.

Before gathering your photos for sorting, it’s worthwhile taking a moment to decide how you would like to store and display them. A personalised photo album is not only perfect for creating a unique arrangement of your favourite images to show off, but it also helps to preserve the precious memories for future generations of your family.

If you would like to be super organised, you can easily create one or many more photo books that are individually themed. Or perhaps you prefer to present chronologically organised photos in yearbook style photo albums. Having a photo album preference will help you to speed up the photo sorting process.

Gather Up Your Photos

Empty out the cupboards and drawers that are crammed with holiday snaps, family birthdays and other occasion photos. If you’ve been hoarding photographs for quite some time your stash may also include milestone and wedding/anniversary snaps. If you have some of your favourite images in photo frames or attached to the door of your fridge, include them as well.

If you’re sorting digital images on a computer you will need to open up all of the files, so that you can have a good look. Don’t forget to check your mobile devices too! You can use Google Photos for backing up and integrating your desktop and mobile images in one place.

Use Sorting Boxes

To make light work of sorting through thousands of photos, it’s best to have three empty boxes that you can organise your photos into. For easy identification, you can label these Display, Store and Dispose.

Look through all of the photos and place them one by one in the box that is most appropriate. Select your favourite keeper snaps and add them to the Display box. The Store box is the place to collect up all the images that you want to preserve, but don’t necessarily want to view frequently. The Dispose box should ideally be filled with an assortment of print images that are duplicate, random or out of focus.

Next, sort out the Display and Store boxes by arranging the photos in chronological order. If the prints are not dated, you can always sort them by theme. Set aside any negatives that correspond with the images that you’re storing and displaying. These can be boxed up separately and preserved.

Whittling down your extensive collection of photographs will ensure that only the best of the best end up on display in your memories photo albums, for all to admire and enjoy.

Choose The Right Type Of Photo Album

Not all photo albums are created equal. While many may look the same on the outside, once open they can tell a different story.

To choose the right photo album for you, you will need to consider its purpose, the style of photo book – softcover, hardcover, layflat etc – the quality of the paper, and how many pages you want.

To create an awesome photo album that’s totally unique, you can select a curated layout template and customise with your own design. The cover of your photo album also deserves special attention, so you will need to think about whether you want it to feature one of your favourite photographs or a plain design that’s embellished with a title or monogrammed initials.

Take Your Pick

The most enjoyable part of organising a photo album involves picking out your favourite images and sorting them into a sequence of snaps that tells a story. If you have more than one theme going on in a photo book, sort the images into different groups, such as a monthly review or a specific season.

Spread out a collection of photographs and choose your favourite. You will next need to pick the images are perfect for featuring on the cover of your memories photo albums, or as centrepiece double page spreads.

If you’re organising your photo album on a large table or on the floor, you can play around with the display order of the photos until it’s just right.

Create Attractive Displays

To make any collection of photographs look visually attractive and appealing, it’s highly recommended that you apply the less is more rule. Resist the urge to cram the pages of the photo books with an array of snaps. Instead, adopt a professional approach and allow plenty of white space around the printed images that you’ve chosen to showcase.

Include Additional Extras

To further highlight your favourite photographs, that you have now organised in beautiful and luxurious memories photo albums, add a few personal touches. Featuring personalised text that offers information about what’s going on in the individual images is a lovely way to make your stunning photo print collection interactive. Funny captions, anecdotes and comments also help to bring the images to life, and creates a unique browsing experience for your friends, family and future generations Check  How Technology Has Affected People’s Activity Levels -Technology Affects

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