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How To Get The Most From Boost Mobile

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Boost Mobile

If you want to switch over to a new wireless service, Boost Mobile is an ideal choice. Even though Boost Mobile promises at least 99 percent coverage, make sure this coverage extends to your area. Fortunately, choosing the perfect  Boost Mobile plan is simple. With their four plans, two containing SD and HD streaming, making the right plan for you comes down to needing unlimited data and needing HD Streaming.

Budget iPhones Available

If you are on a budget but need a new phone, Boost Mobile devices have options available for you. While there is no arguing about an iPhone’s qualities, the chips powering these compact devices are a familiar sight specifically because they look like the beloved iPhone of the past. Not to mention there is wireless charging available to you, something rare for the price of these phones.

While speaking of the price, that is what makes these phones an ideal choice. You get excellent performance without forking over a substantial amount of money.

Of course, there will be setbacks no matter what type of phone you have. The reused design limits your battery life and camera capabilities. But, this is still the perfect secondary phone or phone for your child.

New iPhones Available

iPhone lovers now have the phone they love on an even better plan. Your iPhone has an improved battery, lasting longer than it ever has. Now, when you want to take photos in a challenging environment such as a room with bad lighting, new features make taking the perfect photo an option. So, you can thank the outdoor view display for perfectly calibrating cinematography-quality videos. And, your phone comes with double the storage for a new great price.

With the good also comes some inconveniences. One downfall is that the phone chargers no longer come with your iPhone, meaning you have to buy a new one if your old charger plays out. Additionally, there is a lower base storage on their phones, but there are affordable options to upgrade your storage when necessary.

Budget Androids Available

Concerning Boost Mobile’s affordable phones, Androids are one intriguing option. Even on a budget, you can find one that has a modest set of features such as a 6.5-inch FHD plus display, a triple camera and a massive battery, making it an excellent deal for the price.

New Androids Available

Some great new Android phones are available through Boost Mobile, with several new features available. The screen is now even bigger with more pixels for a better display when streaming videos. Also, there is now a triple camera on the back and a new and improved camera on the front. Not to mention the storage capabilities that are available with these phones.

One of the negatives is the battery. Unfortunately, it seems that all these new and improved features tend to drain the battery faster. Another drawback comes from framerate drops when tiring to record for an extended period.

Phone With a Stylus

Wanting a phone with a stylus may seem like an odd specification, but apparently, it is a must for some cell phone users. Boost mobile has a select few of these phones on hand.

Unfortunately, these devices are not as up-to-date as some of your other premium or budget options. With that said, these phones are pretty cheap if you do not want to do more than the basic functions of a cell phone. Mainly, if you want a stylus for hobbies or work functions, these phones are just fine.

Other Add-on Features For Your Device

Once the hard part of choosing a phone is over, now look at your add-on options. Boost Mobile has several different features you might want to add to your new or existing service. If you plan to travel outside of your country, look into adding international services to your phone, but this is mainly for those who are out of the country for extended periods, not just once in a while. Also, hot spots seem to be a big deal since they give you access to the internet anywhere you go.

There are many different reasons behind switching or staying with Boost Mobile. With the variety of phones, plans and add-ons, something is waiting for you at one of their stores. Go in to browse or with a plan, and see what Boost Mobile has to offer.

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