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How to Create a Phenomenal LinkedIn Video Ad

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How to Create a Phenomenal LinkedIn Video Ad

In today’s world there are so many LinkedIn ad types you can leverage. However, video truly is the language of the future-forward digital marketer. If you want to make an impact on LinkedIn and attract your target audience, particularly at the early stages of the customer journey – creating a punchy, compelling video is an excellent way to do exactly that. In this article we give you the insider tips and tricks you need to be leveraging in order to take advantage of this unique format. 

1. Keep your audience front of mind

When it comes to creating a successful LinkedIn video ad, your best bet at making waves is finding the right angle to hook in your target audience. Start by writing down your ultimate goal (e.g. to boost brand awareness) and then, brainstorm the types of things your audience will be likely to resonate with at this funnel stage. 

Ideally, if it was a TOFU video, you’d be focusing on educating your prospects, and providing value to them that builds trust e.g. through a tips and tricks video. You want your ideal persona to watch your video and immediately think a) they are speaking to me and b) I want to engage with this in some way.

2. Front load value

Secondly, you should be looking to pack as much value into the first 5 seconds as possible. Why? Purely because most people don’t watch half way through a video, let alone a full one on LinkedIn. 

This means if you can snap up a prospect’s attention straight off the bat, you are far more likely to keep them watching and to see the kinds of results you want and need.

Try calling out the persona directly e.g. “Listen up Marketing Managers” and then provide an insight/stat/ tip that will be of interest to them. 

3. Provide a compelling CTA

Finally, you should be aiming to end your video with a compelling, relevant and logical CTA that ties together what you cover in the video to a next step you want prospects to take. This could be to “Learn More” by visiting your website, “View Case Study” or “Download Guide.” The options here are truly endless, you just want to make sure you provide 1 and that is impactful.

So there you are! Three easy to implement, quickfire tips to provide a newsfeed interrupting video that grabs prospects attention and helps you achieve all your marketing goals. We hope you find the same success we have.

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