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How to choose the right panties

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Whether low-cut, light, comfortable, almost invisible or even large, panties in all their forms are an integral part of our nightwear!

Some mistreated and others very caring, from the cocoon moment in your armchair or in the hotel room, they accompany us every day!


But what should we know about her?!

How to wear the panties properly

The panties, this little piece so varied that you don’t know where to look! Whether sexy, comfortable, discreet, showy, or even menstrual, there is something for everyone!

It is also found in different shapes and materials: low, high sizes, cottons or even lace.

The panty has a multitude of varieties. The only way to wear it is if it matches your figure and your personality.

That it is in your size and adapted if you are part of the plus size lingerie team.

Which panties to choose?

You will choose your panties according to your habits, your style and the occasion.

For Sunday comfort, panties, briefs or cotton and lace boy shorts will do the trick!

If you opt for a transparent or invisible version, select the thong, thong or invisible panties (seamless).

Are you in a state of seduction? Whatever the type of panties, you can opt for a low-cut model while selecting fluid materials, transparent to lace.

Want to shine your figure, put aside the low panties! Let yourself be tempted by more rising cuts or high wasted. You also have the option of choosing more shapely materials.

In addition, today you also have period panties that will allow you to combine comfort and hygiene during your cycles.

Which panties for her figure?

To reveal parts of the body or erase certain areas, each panty adapts to a type of morphology. Depending on its shapes, small apparent belly, more generous hips or the curves of our buttocks, women do not seek the same effect.

You have shapes to highlight, all cuts can suit you.

To look away, a low-wasted model can mark your hips.

More flattering than the panties, prefer the shorty. A less classic piece that has the gift of highlighting the shapes and accentuating the curves of your buttocks.

To emphasize your lines, sculpting lingerie can be an alternative.

Do you want to redesign your belly?

The panties are not conditioned only on the shape of the buttocks. They can also gently refine the silhouette with more upright models.

To offer you comfort, elegance and morphology, find high wasted cuts and sculpting lingerie when you want to shape this part. We usually make lingerie pieces with vertical cuts.

If your choice is a sleeve, take the time to determine your size so that it does not compress you. The sheath can be transformed into a glamorous and vintage garment, pin-up style!

Do you have wider hips?

If you want to make them more discreet, the low waists will allow you to erase the waist and narrow your hips to the eye. The shorty for example is available in several materials and can create different effects and style. Its little extras: it remains invisible and comfortable under our clothes.

A sexier variant can be presented to you by preferring a string shorty, especially if it is lace.

Small flaws are avoided with the bikini-style high-cut models.

So you have understood it, all body types “has its panties”.

You have all the keys in your hands to sublimate your lower body.

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