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How to be a good wife in second marriage

by Rajdeep Basu
second marriage

Being a good wife is not everyone’s cup of tea, even when you have a near-perfect partner. To be a good wife, you need to communicate efficiently to keep the romance alive in between. In addition, to be in a healthy relationship, you need to have a friendship with your partner while maintaining your identity. If you want to know how to do it, follows these simple steps:

  • Fulfill your partner’s demand without affecting yours: if your partner is demanding more sex, then open you are his mind and come to the middle plan. Do not be possessive if he needs time with friends or time to pursue a hobby. Your partner would be happier, and they will be grateful for your respect in the relationship. This all means you have to compromise on your needs or vanish your personality, but you need to be happy to make everyone happy. If he misses his time with his favorite sports, let him have a boy’s outing and a girl’s outing for you.
  • Friendship is essential: every relationship starts from friendship. Second marriage or divorced marriages are a little challenging, but becoming friends would help the couple trust their partner easily. Although you have to maintain some meaningful friendships to make your life full of love and happiness, your partner has to be the person you turn to at the end of the day. Try to be a person with whom your partner has the most fun, be the companion he wants to do everything. It would be best if you were that shoulder on which he may cry or laugh with,
  • Have some common dreams: sharing dreams or daydreaming together would be the favorite activity of many couples, as it gives them the feeling of togetherness or fullerenes. It could be the dream of retiring to a warm climate or having a trip abroad for your twentieth anniversary. Talk about your dream or discuss it with your partner and take steps together to make them happen. If you and your partner’s dream do not intersect, then you would be creating a rift, as you both have to spend life together.
  • Have your own identity: make sure you maintain your lifestyle and continue to have an exciting life as earlier. In the second marriage Punjabi people are generally scared of not facing the past again, so they continue clubbing or maintaining their social life.
  • Start working together: working together would allow sharing the stress of everything. Women and men deal with different stress all day. Making sure that you can cope with your own stresses would take pressure off your marriage.
  • Express your feelings: sharing what you think is essential in marriage relationships, your partner must know what you are going through; it does not make you dependent. If you want to be able to express how you feel, you need to be able to speak in a positive tone.


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