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  How NetBase Quid uses social media analytics to help businesses succeed

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The benefits of social media analytics are vast. They can be leveraged to form a marketing campaign, measure the success of one, or use them as a stepping stone to gathering customer feedback. NetBase Quid is an excellent system for companies that want to better understand their customers by using an in-depth analysis of their social data.

NetBase Quid consists mainly of three methods: the dashboard, visualizations, and search.


The dashboard is a simple interface that allows you to enter your social data and analyze it. You can access the dashboard on your mobile device or desktop. Clicking on the down arrow at the top of the page brings up a menu with different views, such as ‘Top Posts’ and ‘Post Details.’ 

You can also save these views for later use.

This is one area where NetBase Quid grows beyond standard social media analytics platforms such as HootSuite and Tweetdeck.


Visualizations are a great way to make sense of data. You can view the data in a table, bar chart, or line graph. It is also possible to make comparisons and click on items to drill down into more specific aspects of the data. Here’s an example of the bar graph for an individual Tweet within our dashboard: ‘Top Posts’: >.

A bar graph is a great way to view the information you have entered into NetBase Quid. It is simple yet still gives detailed information.


Search is another fundamental aspect of NetBase Quid. The search feature allows you to enter a search term, such as ‘shoes,’ and see all of the posts from users who have mentioned this word in their posts. It also displays the frequency of mentions and social networks on which the mention has occurred. Clicking on a specific post gives you more information.

This is the post that has generated the most Twitter mentions.

In this case, posts use the search term ‘shoes’ several times. This visualization demonstrates how people are tweeting about shoes on Twitter.

However, NetBase Quid is perhaps not suited to large-scale searches, where a live company’s social media account is busy with daily mentions of its name. Mentioning a company in a post does not necessarily mean that a user is looking for customer service from this company or has any problems with its products or services.

Current customers will mention your name because they might be happy about a recent customer service experience, for example.


Like most analytics websites, it can take time to pinpoint the source of these mentions and what action to take from them. This is where NetBase Quid takes things one step further.

You can export the data to a spreadsheet. This might be necessary to get more information from the data or perform a more in-depth analysis.

The most important thing is easy to access to your social media analytics data and easy analysis. NetBase Quid is an excellent tool for this purpose.

Universal Analytics

This new feature of NetBase Quid aims to take social media analytics to a new level.

Universal Analytics allows you to import your data from third-party sources such as HootSuite, Twitter, and Facebook, allowing you to compare and analyze in aggregate. This could enable you to gain a better understanding of your customers.

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